S2 Episode 4 Theory

Okay so i was looking at some things and i think your 400 days choices affect episode 4. Do you want to know why? Because i played 400 days two times to see if it affected anything in episode 1 (obviously not ) but when i was scrolling through the episode 4 photo on my first playthrough it was the regular photo, you know clem with all those people around her. Later i dont know if this is a glitch or something on my second playthrough everyone didnt go with tavia. So the episode 4 photo was different..... i looked it up online but i couldnt find it. I searched it on youtube and i found this video. Tell me what you guys think about this. Honestly im shocked and excited. (also if you think is stole this theory from the video i didnt. I have been predicting this for a week now i just have been using trial and error tactics.)


  • It's been confirmed it is based on what console you have.

    Also my theory is that it matters on your choices in Episode 2/3 but cause we haven't played them yet it had a pre-set image for different consoles. Makes sense to me.

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