• Well the human meat thing has no real effect apart from the stranger brings it up in Episode 5 and Clementine throws up a bit in the meat locker.

    Don't really know about the silence thing. Watch one of them silent lee things on youtube, there's some out there.

  • Skip to 12:35

    If Clementine eats the meat, she'll say she ate it in the meat locker and the Stranger will use it as one of the things against you raising Clementine. Apart from those things, it's never mentioned again.

  • ive done a silent Lee play and ya, the eating human meat thing doesnt come up much. Also, during the dinner, people will just question why Lee is standing there with a freak show expression on his face. After a bit of questioning, Brenda just admits to it :p

    • Haha I saw a partially silent playthrough, the filler expressions are just the best. Just imagining all the sounds that come with them..

      "What's wrong Lee?"

      "Hnnngggh, nggggh.. urrrrgh..."

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