Any guest stars in season 2 ??

We saw Glenn in episode one of season one, can we expect to see any other real cast of the walking dead series to guest star in season two, if so who do want to see, I am hoping to see Daryl.


  • You do realize Daryl doesn't exist in the comics right?

  • The game is/was (?) only canon to the comic, not the show. Daryl won't be showing up.

    I'm hoping that there aren't any references to the comics. Telltale can branch their storyline away from the comics. Adding characters from the comics is a bad idea, looking at Lilly. We all know how that turned out.

  • Why do you say Lilly was a bad idea? Yes, I regret the game doesn't offer us a chance to shoot her in the leg before leaving the b*tch to die a horrible death on the road, but the game made me feel sincere emotions for her (even if it was hate) and that's a good thing

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    Now I do thank you for ruining it for me !

  • It's just she could have been much more. They made the group leave her/made her leave the group because she was originally the comic Lily, but after Robert Kirkman changed the Lily's, we don't know much now.

  • Lilly was originally a character from the comics. As soon as she completed her arc in the games, it's assumed that she goes on to continue her story in the comics. For some odd reason, right after episode 3 came out, Kirkman wrote a sub-par novel about comic Lilly, thus retconning the relationship that game Lilly had with her comic counterpart.

    I'm saying that it's a bad idea to star any other comic characters (not a fan of the medium anyways) as Kirkman can easily do the same thing he did with Lilly.

  • I agree in a way all the additions did really was add charcaters who cannot be influenced by the plot at all. Hershel and shawn were really restricted with there roles; the only one done well was Glenn and I honestly feel if Doug had played his role it would have made the choice a bit more split between the two.

    I dont know about Lilly seeing as it s changed who she actually is I dunno

  • This. Who knows how much different Lilly could have been if she was meant to be an original character at first. Maybe she wouldn't have been so psychotic and could have been like Kenny in the end if she didn't have to leave due originally being meant to be comic Lilly.

  • At most, things might be mentioned. Perhaps some survivor mentions the ruins of Woodbury or the prison or perhaps mentions Alexandria, etc. But to see another character from the comic in the game ... not likely. If Lilly returns in Season 2, who's to say where she went. She's no longer the Woodbury Lilly, but that's not to say she still didn't end up in the same area and saw the aftermath of that story line.

    I'd like to see Daryl myself despite him being a TV series exclusive character (ignoring the one game he had), but Daryl's too well loved by the fan base. As soon as he enters, fans would want him to be the central character and toss Clementine out the window. Or the fan base will be bitterly divided between the two. As much as I want to see him, he should remain in the TV series only.

    Only thing I see being used in the game and comics going forward are locations. Characters are too hit and miss. Either we get them and they ultimately mean little to the plot outside of a cameo and then leave not long after they appear or they're intended to be a character from the comic only to get retconned. Easier to keep with things that can't be changed so easily like locations.

    Since the game can stand on its own without the comic, though, there is no need for the two to share any elements going forward besides the name and the universe. The comic is about Rick and Carl. The game is about Clementine. Two different paths in the same world. Neither need the other to help themselves stand and succeed. It's rare for a spin off to succeed after the parent series succeeded. Quite often one fails or at least performs below the other. I fear crossing over the two too often in the game might result in the game being unable to stand on its own and thus would no longer be popular. The game is good because it doesn't require you read the comic or see the series to know what's going on. They're a nice bonus, but not required. I played the game before I got into the TV series which helped me understand things better. Might look more into the comic but 118 issues (or however many it is now) is a bit daunting.

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