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No turning back episode 5

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What will happen in this episode your guesses

  • I dont know what is gonna happen but im sure there is not gonna be a Happy Ending :/

  • Clementine, Lee, Carley, Larry and lilly are trapped with zombies breaking down the door, suddenly you hear chucks voice!

    Chuck comes riding in killing all the zombies, who's he riding on? It has to be maybelle!

    Maybelles milk squirts all over the zombies that are left and they all turn human, larry then falls in love with maybelle as maybelle understands he has charm coming out of his ass.

    As maybelle walks off into the sunset with larry, lilly says " Who touched my pencil! " she then goes on a rampage screaming at everyone about taking supplies, maybelle sees that lilly never had a mother so she adopts her, larry then proposes to maybelle and they live happily ever after.

    Carley and chuck start a family

    Clementine and Lee find her parents alive, Clems mother charges Lee for being a kidnapper.

    Lee goes to prison.


  • isn't it "No Going Back"? My season 1 save glitched Episode 3's title to be Along The Road Ahead instead of Long Road Ahead

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