• nick is just shocked cause his "Father" got eaten by Zombies well he is pissed Cause you could have saved him i mean of cause a 11 year old girl with bare hands can easilly cill a walker army no problem right?
    its not our problem if he is too stupied too load his gun right?

  • I just hope you can actually save Pete. Now granted, he won't make it to the end of season. But still, It will be pretty cheap if TT kills him in the same episode regardless, i also like his arguments with Nick, a little black humor never hurt anyone...

  • I saved Nick on my first play through and I don't mind him but that confused me. He told me to come over to him while he covered us so I thought yeah go on then. His gun jams and then Pete dies. Fair enough not your fault but why are you pinning this on me when you specifically told me to come over to you?

  • Seems like Telltale should've changed Nick's dialogue to something like, "Why didn't you go help him first!? I could have covered you both!?" Something to set up a "You told me to come to you," "I meant help him and then both of you come to me," argument that would have felt a little more realistic. A simple misunderstanding in a situation like that would have been understandable. As is, the "You could have saved him," response from Nick just leaves me saying, "I'm an unarmed, 10 year old girl ... what was I supposed to do!?"

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