House divided

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What are your predictions about episode 2: house divided? And when does it come out?


  • Something will split the members of the house into 2 groups of different opinions.

  • What I think is they go to the mountains to avoid Carver but they stumble upon a group and they are divided whether to let them join so they can defeat Carver and the choice will come down to Clem or maybe something like that :P

  • Pretty obvious thought, I believe this is the case though. Clem can see a rift starting in S2E1, she can even start to divide them already.

  • Probably the group starts disagreeing about Clementine on if she is trustworthy or reliable. It seems we already have people disliking her with no particular reason other than judging her. And as for the person who was seemingly dead to Clementine, it could be Kenny, Lilly, or someone who was in Season 1, although maybe it could be someone that we never met in the 16 months after season 1.

  • Half of the House will be for Clem Half will be against Clem. Which means it cannot stand so everything will fall apart + we will find out who the I thought you were dead person is and who (Nate) Carver is.

  • maybe it goes like this, carvers group and lukes group were all one group at first but then something cause them to be split in two groups, maybe thats why it's called a house divided it can mean something that will happen or something that has already happened

  • ^ She's just so freaking adorable! I wish there were more kids like her.

  • Who do you think clementine was talking about when she thought someone was dead?

  • The trust for Clem could fall because of Pete and Luke being her most avid allies. If Pete is killed and Clem comes back or something like it, things could be awks for her. Hopefully they trust her though

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    I think the next episode is going to be more intense than the last one with it being hopefully slightly longer. Since carver seems comfortable enough to come to the doorstep of his rivals.. he might not actually be a bad guy or might turn out being good..

  • Agreed. Could be this group wronged Carver

  • The group finds a house and decides to cut it in half and at the end it's divided :D....sorry

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  • Whether they should stay or whether they should leave, probably.

  • So obvious. It's about Carver. He was group member. Something has happened = house is divided.

  • I think TTG i trying to eliminate the characters that like Clem. Pete was on Clem's side, and he got bit first episode. I don't think he'll survive, though I'm hopeful. I'm afraid that in Episode 2 Luke might get bit or die, and then the rest of the group is mainly against her. Nick and Alvin are, kinda like Neutral, although Nick has made friends with Clem.

  • well in the preview it doesn't show Pete or Nick. I think it might depend on the player's choice at the end of Episode 1, where the cabin survivors will judge Clementine and either side with or against her decision-making. Then they will be forced to leave the cabin, and some might stay e.g Sarah and Nick/Pete. I think then they will meet the "I thought you were dead person" and will have to decide whether they let them join or not. Or, they might be captured, with some escaping and some not (the episode 3 slide looks like Rebecca and Clem don't escape if this happens)

  • don't think the guy on the doorstep was Carver. He knows how much the cabin group fear him, and him turning up seemingly unarmed and without back-up would give them the perfect opportunity to get rid of him for good. I think Carver sends someone with a message, and they know the person sending the message is Carver. The knocker will be a lackey of his. It just doesn't seem necessary for him to take that kind of risk when he could send a group member instead

  • Wow I never thought of that. Good prediction

  • ClemClem you have the most amazing GIFs! Do you make them or just... collect?

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    I do both. I make some of them and collect others. Oh, and by the way...
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  • Gosh Dern the cuteness hurts.

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