• Crane probably wanted a third party to investigate, one which isn't loyal to Snow but to the money-provider. You know, someone he could easily control in case the wrong thing gets uncovered and he needs to shush it up. Dum and Dee don't strike me as the ethical types, you know?

  • I do think that they work for an unknown third party. They have been hired to find something, but not the murderer. So it's unlikely that they work for Snow or Crane. It is possible that during their investigations, they came to know about Faith's end.

    Crane is not the nicest guy in town. This is more likely the reason for Bigby to hold Crane over the well.

  • Crane had to have done something bad. My guess that it would be Crane offering Snow's job to Bluebeard considering how he is standing behind that desk in episode 4's picture.

    • Nice idea. Bluebeard is powerful/rich enough and I can imagine that such a position is of interest for him. And Bigby doesn't like Bluebeard very much. Such a move from Crane would be a reason for Bigby to be that offensive.

      • I think that whatever Bigby and Crane are arguing over gets Crane fired at some point and Bluebeard will take Crane's position. If I was a powerful/rich man I wouldn't want to be a secretary.

  • My guess is that Bluebeard hired Dum and Dee, but seems like the obvious answer.

  • Well, me personally i can't wait for Bluebeard to make an appearance. Every panel with Bigby and Bluebeard in the comics was gold, so we're in for a treat.

  • Someone that is looking for something that the Woodsman has in his possession or once had. Faith was looking for it and also Dee and Dum. Of the people that has been introduced this far it is most likely Bluebeard though I'm not sure about him.

    • I do agree that dum and dee are looking for something that Faith had because dee goes to the woodsman's apartment first and after toad mentions faith and her coat he goes to her house to look for it. But I still don't get how he even knew Faith was dead.

      • Could be through Crane I suppose, he is the only one except Snow and Bigsby that should know about the murder. It's either that or they been watching Bigsby close for a while.

      • If you look, it's Dum at Woody's apartment while Dee goes to Lawrence's. Dee wears a rim hat (or whatever they're called hat) while Dum wears a beret or 30s style workman's hat (don't know my hats XD).

    • Not bad, not bad. But I think that Telltale had no idea previous to the release of the TWAU of the appearance of either Dum or Dee. I think that they are some sort of bad code which evolved to be a completely new part of the game. And now Dum and Dee are trying to mess up with the player as good as they can.

  • Plot Twist: They hired each other.

  • On the picture for episode 4 it shows Bigby being angry at Bluebeard, so that's my guess

  • Dum and Dee works for The Crooked Man. The only problem is I don't know who that is... yet...

    • I think your right. When Bigby asked how Dee knew Beauty she mentioned getting the loan from the Crooked Man, now Beauty must pay the moneybback and the Crooked Man was getting Dee to "pester" (as Beauty had put it) for the money.

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