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Clem as main character or side character?

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So, what do you think would have been the better choice?

To be quite honest, I would have preferred Clem as a side character. Not because I want to take care of her, but because her an Lee's story was told so well, I have my doubts that this season can retain the same quality. I'm horribly worried by the end of season five, that Clem's story from season one will be cheapened. I'd say, for now, judging by episode one, so far so good....though not as good as I'd hoped.

I would have much preferred to play as someone new and see her as a minor side character. She's in a different group, we learn how she's doing and what happened...we receive our closure and move on.

I'm not saying I'm opposed to play as her, it's good to be able to walk through the story in her shoes...I'm just worried that this season will...lessen our memory of season one.

What do you think?

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    OzzyUK Moderator

    I am going to to partly miss Clementine making her own decisions and thoughts like in season 1 where she went through the dog door or helped you by shooting the stranger or the walker attacking Molly and by voting for Ben in Crawford but playing as her is a interesting experience and i am looking forward to how its going to play out.

  • Main character all the way! I was jazzed as heck when I found out she was going to be the protagonist, and I wasn't disappointed.

  • I enjoy not playing as a strong and capable adult character for once. It's only made more interesting by the fact it's one I already know and want to see develop.

  • Season 1 was kind of meant to be the time when Clem was being prepared to survive on her own and become capable of surviving independently. If she wasn't able to do so it would look like everything players did in Season 1 would be pointless, and her being the main character emphasizes her growing up and our goal in Season 1 being achieved. At some point Clem had to be the main character in my opinion, because playing as her is so different to playing as a 40 year old man or however old Lee was. It has changed the way character interact with players and I agree with zyoxo that it's a healthy change

    • Totally agree with you, however when we consider the first episode of season 2, all of our decisions made in season 1 seem...inconsequential after all-save a few bits of dialogue changes. Like I said above, so far so good, but I'm worried that in the end...none of the choices will matter anyways. In that case, I would have preferred her as a side character whose personality is vastly different depending on your S1 choices. Rather than playing as her for the long run and finding, none of season 1 mattered all that much. If our S1 choices do, in fact, have a great weight by the end, then yes, playing as Clem is preferred.

      • I'm hoping that our season 1 choices have more effect later on yeah, just depends on how TellTale decide to do it but I'm hoping too that what we did in Season 1 has a bearing on the story, if not Clem's dialogue choices and personality

  • Currently, I would have preferred to play as a new survivor, I find it a lot harder to be immersed in a game where I have to role play a 10 year old girl.

    Im enjoying the episode, but personally, I would have rather played a story that was irrelevant to Clementine, I felt like it was wrapped up nicely in S1, maybe just a few hints here and there at her survival, like finding a drawing of her, Christa and Omid somewhere along the line.

    New main character, with maybe one of the original characters to keep the 2 seasons connected would have been better for me. I wouldnt want Clem as a side character again though, it would be strange to have a character sort of just try to replace Lee.

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      CathalOHara Moderator

      Then what would have been the point of Season One at all? This series is Clementine's story, not the story of the apocalypse in general (though it is the major setting, obviously). With the one exception being 400 Days, and heck that will probably have an involvement with Clem at some point later on this Season. I would of been genuinely annoyed if it was a new survivor. You can tell just the way Season One was written that it was intended Clementine would be the main character in the future. You're basically creating her origin story. If you just changed to a new character it would have felt like all your efforts were for nothing and you have no idea how she's doing now.

      I was afraid that it was possible for this to happen at one point, thank god it didn't.

      • The point of season one was to experience the Lee's struggles to try and keep Clementine safe. It was Lee's story and it ended. Clementine escapes the city and becomes her own survivor, a good ending to the story. My only complaint about continuing that story is that I have a hard time getting into the mentality of a 10 year old girl and I assume the majority of players have a more difficult time identifying with her than a grown man. Just having her as a side character would have been a bad idea though, since you would know Clem better than the actual character, which I think would be pretty awkward. Which is why I would have preferred a different main character with a different story, while some references would be nice

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          CathalOHara Moderator

          You didn't really pay attention to what I Just said, it's obvious it was her origin story. All them times you train her it was to get her ready for the world out there. And the whole point to making her the lead of Season Two was to challenge yourself into playing as a young girl in a zombie apocalypse.

          Plus, since you have control of her now, you are the person who refines her from her choices. I thought it was a great idea making you play as a character you already knew, you can make her have a coldblooded personality from the years she's had now living in this horrible world, or you can still try and keep your optimistic approach that everything will be okay like she had in Season One.

          It was always Telltale's intent to make her the lead of Season Two with the way it's written, that much is very much obvious. The purpose of playing as a young girl in a world like this was to show how YOU would grow up in it, if you just jumped in the shoes of a new person it would ruin the bond you had with the journey you had begun with her character in Season One. It's clear the purpose of Telltale's story was to show how a person would grow up in that kind of world. And they're doing a great job thus far.

  • Well, that's why seeing her as a side character would have been great, instead of MC, but yeh,I agree, not having her in the game at all would hurt my butt. I'd still like to see how my choices played out with her so...

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