Most unrelevant Character

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Who do you think was the most Useless Character or most unrelevant person in season 1


  • Most irrelevant, I'd have to say the cop who was giving Lee a ride all the way in the beginning of the game. Most useless one was Ben.

  • I feel like in the game, Hershel really was the most noticeable person who was irrelevant. All the comic charcaters were really like that as there influence was limited.

    The most useless I agree was probably Ben, still liked him though, more than a few others

  • Andre the police guy. Shawn could've just given Lee and Clementine a lift on his own.

  • Wow, I completely forgot about that guy. Just proves that you're right, lol.

  • Most irrelevant, Shawn/Chet. Most useless, Ben.

  • Yeah i know right lol

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    Yeah, I think Chet is by far the most irrelevant guy ever, considering he's got like five minutes of "importance" and then disappears, that's if he's not a zombie already. Although, he's still followed closely by those two guys that were with Ben when you meet him, but at least those contribute to letting the player know that the bite isn't what turns you, so they're at least semi-influential to the plot.

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