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Hey guys just want to know what you think about the whole game.
For me its the best game ive played so far
The music the atmosphere and the character
Telltale just did a great job and i hope they do a LOT more seasons
(Btw i already played season 1 4 times and season 2 3 times)
The only thing hate about it us the time between the episodes
So what do you think???


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    Same for me, best game ever. I just dont hope they dont play with our feelings too much. They have no idea what they can do to their players

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    double post sorry

  • Best...Game...Ever. I just hope they make the new group from season 2 interesting, we being able to learn about their jobs, their background, like we did in season 1 whenever we met a character.

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    Seriously whats wrong with me i'm crying again...

  • Season 1 just set the bench-mark for linear-story games and the writing was emotional, funny, clever and the plot was brilliant. They got it right in pretty much every department, especially the music and the tone. The only issue I had with it was that sometimes the transitions between music was a little too noticeable, although that could just be my laptop. It was just so different and very special, and deservedly won loads of Game of the Year Awards.

    Season 2 has been quite good. The first episode was shocking and powerful, and I liked how they changed Clementine after the beginning. I'm really looking forward to the next episode to find out more about the characters and tug on the feels, and TellTale have just sent the forums wild over speculation about the cliffhanger. They've played it real smart, and they've really changed the whole tone and atmosphere very well

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