flycatcher is the killer?

The ginger that people have speculated as the killer looks similar to the flycatcher from the comics, the flycatcher's name is even on the list of names in Bigby's apartment (I forgot the name).


  • If he appears in the comics, why would it be him? Pretty sure the murderer will get the Fables' equivalent of "the chair" for something like this.

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    Well, I'm not convinced that the redhead is the killer. But I'm pretty sure that he's not Flycatcher. Fly never wears suits and he's not that clean cut. He usually wears his janitor's uniform or something casual, and he's always portrayed as kinda scruffy with shaggy hair and a goatee (with one brief exception). Also, both Bigby and Snow know him well, so it doesn't make sense that they would have passed him so many times and not noticed him.

  • Flycatcher is the most virtuous Fable in Fabletown, so, no.

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