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Do you think they will do many more seasons of this fantastic game?

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Hi, I played the entire first season and started the second ... this game is spectacular! But I wonder: How many more seasons do you think will last? Do you care about the reviews that give the game? (because some are bad ...) And would like to see Clementine on the TV series?

  • If Clem dies, Hopefully no more seasons. Sorry guys.

  • they gonna do more probably i mean there are already 4 seasons i think of the tv series so why not and yeah clem on the tv show would be interesting but they dont gonna do it

  • How many more seasons do you think will last?

    I think Season 2 will be the last Season, as Telltale still has TWAU to work on, as well as Game Of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands. There won't really be time for more Walking Dead, but so long as there is proper closure then that's fine.

    Do you care about the reviews that give the game? (because some are bad ...)

    Nah, they are just opinions. We, the fans, have opinions too, and they are just as important as reviewers' opinions, even if ours are not paid for or they do not give a percentage or score at the end.

    And would like to see Clementine on the TV series?

    I don't think any child actor would be able to do the character respect, or look enough like her to be honest. I probably wouldn't want to see her in the comics either, as they are a brutal, terrible place to be in.

  • Sure, more seasons is almost guaranteed as long as people purchase it.

    But I do both think and hope Clem bites the dust in this season to make room for new characters, otherwise this won't be "The Walking Dead", but "Clem's Story".

    • It's been "Clem's Story" since S1 E1 lol. By that logic, the Walking Dead TV show and Comic has been "Rick's Story"

    • I see no reason for that, the comics and TV show so far have been Rick's story, so why can't Telltale's follow Clem for a bit. I believe it could maybe keep things fresh by switching who you play as every once in a while. Maybe by Season 4 or 5 you'll only play as Clem for 3 or 2 episodes, and then someone else for the other episodes.

    • So the TV series and Comic Series is "Rick's Story?"

      Well, yeah, admittedly it kind of is. But what's stopping TTG doing the same thing with a different character?

  • I honestly don't see them doing much more, and I am surprisingly ok with this, I suspect only till the end of S2 and perhaps a S3. S4 would really be stretching it.

  • I think they would be stupid not to continue with at least one more season, if this one is successful. They could go on for a long time if the franchise and the game continues to be good and receives a growing fanbase.

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    Antero BANNED

    They'll probably stop TWD for a while after this season is done and focus completely on the borderlands game and the games of thrones games. Then they'll realize how much of a mistake it was to pick up those 2 IPs and they'll go back full time on TWD Season 3

  • I think it decides how successful this season is. If it receives the accolades and acclaim Season 1 got, they would be crazy to not continue. Coincidently, if its like any other movie/game/series they usually get worse by sequel . . .not saying it will happen to this series but telltale will be losing out on a lot of money if they discontinue the series. . . does anyone know how many more seasons the show will be?

  • I feel like they should make a third season then stop because I don't want it for Clem to be basically invincible because if you kill her off no one will buy the games anymore. Much like Daryl on the TV show and Rick in the comics

    • After everything that Lee did for Clem, I think i'll go mad if she doesn't find some way to live happily ever after. I hope her story ends this season though. I don't want it to get watered down and drawn out too long. Lee's story was so powerful and I hope Clementine's gets the same treatment(but ending in the opposite direction).

  • In my humble opinion, I don't think Clementine will die, but unfortunately TellTale wants to get an emotional reaction at the end just like the end of Season one. Although they won't kill the protagonist because that wouldn't be original and probably in poor taste. I still don't know what's going to happen, I'm fairly certain our Clementine is safe, (for now) I still have to wonder how they would duplicate the emotion or "feels" that we felt in Season one.

    • I think at the end, they will pull a Kenny with Clementine: They will make it seem like she is going to die, but have her fate unknown, leaving it up to the player to guess if Clem made it or not.

      • How exactly would that work if we're the protagonist?

      • We may find out in the second episode if Kenny died or not. Because in the trailer for episode 2 Clemetine encounters someone she believed dead. I haven't played the game after episode 3 but I know Kenny's fate is unknown.

      • That'd be even cheaper (and I'm still hoping for Clem to die). One solution however to remove Clem from the game would be to have her reach a safe-zone, where there simply are NO zombies whatsoever and all precautions are taken to ensure no-one will become walkers. That would pander the crowd who loves Clem (and its a big one), and it might even hint at some kind of end somewhere somehow.

    • By ensuring Lee didn't die in vain?

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