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Questions regarding choice-making and Lawrence's odds of survival.

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So like the rest I'm getting impatient so I finally decided to replay Ep1 on save 2 yesterday trying to make different choices and whatnot. One I was eagerly anticipating was going to Lawrence's apartment early in the game to see if you could save him, and sweet geebus if that's what I ended up doing!

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary at first. I did go back and forth in my head about how the events fit in with what would happen if you went to Lawrences appartment after visiting toad... Seemed to be well-thought out.

...but that was until I revisited PewDiePie's playthrough (don't hit me, you h8ers) again in which he visited Toad first. When he got to Lawrence I picked up on a few things that made my second-playthrough scenario kinda questionable in terms of a canon timeline for Ep1.

1) Bigby notes in the "Visit-Lawrence-late" scenario that Lawrence must've been dead for a week or more. I admit I did not notice this in my second playthrough but I wonder if it fits since apparently you're in time to save him if you go there early... but Fables are hard to kill so IDK.

2) Dee's visit: The only gripe I have here is that when you visit Lawrence early he wakes up on his own and in time to act dead when Dee comes in. inevitably Dee discovers Bigby and Snow hiding in the closet and ignores Lawrence, but in the "late-scenario" there are no extra bullet holes or wounds on Lawrence so I guess Dee didn't kill him, and here is the most important point.

3) Lawrence's bullet-wound: In the early-scenario he's shot himself in the lung as Bigby speculates and in the late scenario it's in his heart, which is obvious since you can see that the wound is in the middle of his chest in the late scenario, and to Lawrence's left in the early scenario.

My question is simply. How does whether Bigby visiting Lawrence early or late affect where Lawrence shoots himself. His wound is weeks old, so somehow Bigby's decision seems to determine the past.


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    I just noticed I answered the wrong thing, ignore that. And sorry for the unnecessary spoiler tag, I'm new here and still trying to figure out how this place works.

    I believe the reason why Lawrence only dies when you are late is because Dee show's up first and mentions Faith's death which causes him to shoot himself again (which he will also do if you arrive early and tell him that), it wasn't his first wound that kills him. And speaking of that I don't remember it ever being mentioned hitting his heart, just Lawrence saying he was aiming for it and Bigby saying he was a little off.

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