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Game stuck?

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Spoilers, naturally...

I can't get Lucius to show up in the bar. Fone is already off, the cow suit is done, both the guys have agreed to bet on granny...AND NOTHING. The tip button keeps acting as if I haven't put the cow shoe on the cow yet, when I'm way past that already.

The only thing I can think that I did wrong was getting Euclid on my side before Wendell, but that shouldn't be a game halting error, should it?

Phoney has told Smiley to "go make noise in the barn." I've been trying to get him to do so with the spoon, but didn't know if that was even possible vs. the iron bar (which I can't get because Lucius is still there). I love the game but this is driving me bonkers, and if it really is a "Wendell before Euclid" issue, I'm gonna have to redo half the dang game.

So, can I make "enough" noise with the spoon, or do I need the iron bar?
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    I've heard about a similar problem from at least one other person, but we haven't been able to replicate it. Could you send an email to describing the problem (it's fine to just copy and paste what you wrote here), and attach a saved game from this point?
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