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Predict what episode you think each character will make it to.

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Post what episode you think each character will make it to.

My honest opinion.

Luke: My favourite as of now.. the nice guy... Unless there is some twist in his character where he turns out evil i think he will be the one clementine grows the closest to.. it looks like to me they are setting him up for the long run episode 5.

Rebecca: The bitch...Might die in labour.. i think she will die in episode 2 or 3

Alvin: scared of the bitch...might stand up for himself and take charge, will make it to Episode 4

Carlos: seems like a vital part of the group but in order to give sarah more growth and show more struggles to the group i change it to episode 3

Sarah:... Could die early on or very late depending on her father.

Pete: DEAD but i saved for being a good guy to clem so he might live until episode 2 or 3

Nick.. GOT AWAY i think hes an alright guy and accepted his apology looks like he cant handle pressure and is a bit of a drinker.. same as pete.

Carver.. Got no idea but something tells me he might not be all that evil.

Christa: Unknown.. Only one left from season 1 besides clem if she is alive i would imagine she will make it to episode 5

  • I think they might pull another Larry with Rebecca where you can choose to save her or not. Only in this case, the choice actually has an effect on her survival. Episode 2-3 seems right if you choose not to save her.

    Alvin might find out about Rebecca's baby daddy, and I can see him start to take initiative in the group after he recognizes what a pushover he appears to be. Nothing too dramatic, but he will definitely become more respectable. Episode 3-4

    I agree that Luke will probably make it pretty far into the season just so we have someone other than Clementine to root for. However, we might see a change in his character and some pretty terrible stuff could happen to him. I can see he and Clementine being the only two members of the group remaining, supporting each other as Joel and Ellie do in The Last Of Us, but more of a brother/sister relationship than father/daughter. Episode 5.

    Carlos might be killed off earlier than episode 5 so we can see the group in chaos and the effect that his death has on Sarah. She is too sheltered to deal with the emotional fallout resulting from his death. Episode 3

    Sarah I think we will see the biggest change in. After her father's hypothetical death, she may sink into depression or try to cope through dissociation, which she will gradually come out of. I can picture her surviving until Episode 5 if Telltale executes her character arc correctly.

    Nick seems a bit like a Ben clone, but we might actually see him redeem himself. I'd say he survives a bit longer than Pete in either outcome and goes out with a bang that will largely change the player's reception of him. Perhaps he may save Sarah's life, only to die or become critically injured. This could be a very sad moment. Episode 4

    Pete will either die next episode or be crippled from amputation. He might have some valuable advice for Clementine, but in the end, his lack of speed and agility will be the death of him. Episode 2-3

    Also, how the hell did you forget Apple Juice Box?

    He's only the most important character in all of season 2...

  • Christa - Will be confirmed dead In ep 3/4/5
    Pete/Nick - Ep 2
    Rebecca - Ep 3
    Alvin - Ep 2
    Luke - Ep 4
    Carlos - Ep 3
    Sarah - Ep 4

  • I think Luke will die before Episode 4. He's far too likable to make it through the season.

  • If Christ die so it will have on clementines in my big influence.

  • Luke can either be the closest thing to lee there can be and make it to episode 5 or some rapist like david from the last of us and die in episode 3.. the walking dead screws with us like that.

  • I think Carlos will die quite early in the series, or have to at least leave from the main path of the season. This is to make Sarah a much more interesting character I would of though.

    • or the reverse but i think it would be too much like kenny so probably.

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      OzzyUK Moderator

      If Carlos dies before Sarah i think she will have a mental breakdown and "cease to function" as Carlos put it, Clementine might have to try and look after her for a while but Sarah could do something stupid to herself or endanger Clem and any other survivors.

  • Personally i hoped this time we would have some characters coming over into Season 3. Not like Omid and Christa, one dies and the other one is lost

  • Clem - EP5 at least

    Rebecca - EP3 at least though I think thats it

    Carlos- EP2 Sarah's arc cant begin until he dies

    Sarah - I think she will be a choice on whether to teach her to survive then either EP3 or 5

    Pete- EP 3 , he cant last too long without a foot

    Nick- EP 4/5 Think hes a long haul guy

    Alvin - EP 2/3, Probably die defending Rebecca

    Luke- EP 2/5 If he stays nicey nicey he'll die quick if he does a Kenny and is a love/hate thing then a long time.

  • Strangely enough I chose not fogive nick, but I really do hope he survives a long time. I'd say at this moment hes my favorite character, until we find out more about Alvin.

  • I'm getting the feeling that Pete and/or Nick will be the next to go.
    Ep3 Rebecca
    Ep4 Alvin and Carlos
    Ep5 Luke. Christa reunites with Clem and Sarah.

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