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Weapon and Character Debate

posted by JaydenAceRyder on - last edited - Viewed by 8.3K users

I thought I'd change the thread from the "Weapon and Character of Choice" into "Weapon and Character Debate." I thought debate would be the perfect activity to express yourself, persuade others, and maybe even learn a thing or two. The topic we're going to be debating is firstly weapons. Choose a weapon for the zombie apocalypse and state why you chose it. Then convince the other members why you believe your weapon is essential in the zombie apocalypse.

Secondly, debate on which character you think is the best survivor in the Walking Dead universe. May a factor to there survival be their intelligence, physical strength, sharpshooting, or so on. Remember, I want a nice and clean debate with no persecution, intimidation, or pressure.

Mod Edit: Darth has asked you all to behave, but some of you seem to have missed his warning so I am giving you all a more direct notice. Please behave and do not resort to personal harassment of other users.

Thanks. -Blind Sniper

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