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Tales? With an S? Could this be a 400 Days-like game?

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Does anyone else get the vibe that this is kind of along the lines of say a season-length Walking Dead 400 Days? I mean, Walking Dead Season 1 for example had multiple little stories but had one continuous arc following Lee, whereas 400 days did come together but still consisted of 5 distinct stories set in the same universe. The fact that they emphasize Tales in the title just makes it sound more like 400 Days. Borderlands in its nature has never been about one central player character, so I'm curious about how that'll work out. Obviously this is all just a guess. Does anyone else have any speculation or guesses about the general nature of this game? I just don't get how Telltale's gonna do it with this one haha

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    It's not the first time Telltale added the term "Tales" to a known franchise to signify that it's the same, but a bit different, not the next installment in a game series per se, but still very much part of the world and the story.

    "Tales of Monkey Island" was 'just' one continuous story and even had the known main hero of the series. I guess that we'll only have one or two protagonists in TftB as well. The idea of 400days was great, but I believe that stretching it to five whole episodes would be a bit too much.

  • I can't recall where I heard this information, but I know you take on the role of multiple protagonists. I believe this game may be structured in a similar style to 400 days, however you will most likely have control of these characters through the entire series. I just wonder if this series is going to be full of comedy and witty puns alike the actual Borderlands series.

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      Vainamoinen Moderator

      Better search for that bit of information again. I believe the very preliminary trailer is about the ONLY thing that provides information about this game yet, and I have never heard the multiple protagonist info before.

      You can be absolutely certain that Telltale will try to nail the tone of the former games though - the comedy and puns especially included.

  • -performs CPR- I found the multiple protagonist info. though Kevin Bruner (TTG President/Co Founder) says "Just like you can play a lot of different characters in Borderlands, you will play- probably be playing a lot of other characters"... to find interview youtube 'VGX: Tales from the Borderlands - Telltale & Gearbox Interview' They'll mention the multiple characters thing aroung the 3 minute mark. (also other things like gameplay/humor etc)

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