Is it just me or is season 2 harder than season 1?

I have died more as Clementine than I did as Lee.


  • I'm gonna question how that's even possible when you've only played one episode as her thus far.

    But no, I didn't die at all in the episode. Don't find any difference in the difficulty at all. Though I do notice the player is more involved this time with arrows prompts and the like, which Telltale took note from The Wolf Among Us. Which is a good thing.

  • The one scene where clems running from the Bandits and Zombies. The part with the arrows and sliding DOWN killed me like 5 times. Other than that it was fine.

  • i didnt even died once so far well ok once but only because my controller got laaaags

  • The controls are confusing at certain parts.
    I think I died around 6-7 times until I figured out how to get the dog of me though.

  • Sam was responsible for my first in-game death. Having to watch a feral dog rip open a little girl's jugular, not once, but twice...yeah, fuck that evil animal.

  • they want to make it more difficult because you are playing as a little girl instead of a full grown man (i think they wanted it to be like that)

  • I keep on dying in the shed. I get the rake on the walkers neck but I am not sure what to do next.

  • grab the hammer on the right :P its not easy to see most people only die there, i died there twice my original playthrough

  • I suppose it seems harder because the episode is a bit more faster paced than others.

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