Clem's Lullaby

I want a scene where Clem sings her heart out. Do it TellTale.

A big shout out to DomeWing333 for their ideas, here is the post from them that sums up what this idea was supposed to entail.

"I think people are getting the idea that this would be Clem randomly bursting out into song for no reason. That would be dumb and out of place.

But imagine a scene like this:

Clem and Sarah are in a hideout somewhere. Rebecca's baby starts crying (Rebecca herself is either dead actually she's just dead). Clem starts panicking because she thinks that the crying is going to attract walkers. Sarah suggests Clem calms it down by singing to it because it worked in a book she read. Initially, Clem's like "No way, that's stupid! You do it!" but then Sarah tells Clem that she doesn't know any lullabies because her father never sang to her.

Clem thinks for a bit, breathes an exasperated sigh, and then 4 options appear on the screen: "Happy song," "Sad song," "Bittersweet song," and "Refuse to sing." Say you choose the bittersweet one. Clem starts hesitantly singing "You Are My Sunshine" in a quiet voice. Her singing is a bit weak and shaky, but has a pure and sweet quality to it. After she finishes, Sarah turns to her and asks Clem how she remembered all the words even though she must have been so young when her mother sang it to her. Clem looks down sadly and tells her that she didn't hear it from her mother and that it wasn't sung to her. She heard it from Christa."



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