• Jesus Mary and Joseph, how many more freaking games are they gonna take on? I think TT is biting off more than they can chew. A year ago they were small fish, now they're taking on all these huge projects!

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      Blind Sniper Moderator

      I wouldn't worry. Even before they broke out into mainstream success with Walking Dead, Telltale has always talked about "dream franchises" they wanted to work with. This isn't anything new, except for the fact that they currently have four announced games already in the works. It would only be a valid concern if they had a serious intent to actually work on a fifth game at this point in time.

  • How would I feel about a Bond game from Telltale? Well, I must say, I'd be quite shaken.

    ...Not stirred. :D

  • Erm.. the Borderlands game looks promising...

    I really don't understand the hate some people have for it at all. Besides that, it doesn't even sound like they're doing it because they think it'll make a lot of money, it sounds like they're doing it because they like the background of Borderlands and the head of the companies appreciate each other and hashed out an idea when they were together.

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