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Did Molly stab us in the back?

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At first i don't see this badass girl being that type of person but it all makes sense , Do you think when she left with the battery she changed it and gave us one that didn't work, Explaining why Vernon's plan backfired and his crew ended up at gils pitstop, Besides I never understood how she changed her mind in a couple of hours , first she was rubbing it in the group's faces the she saved their asses just to get a spot on the boat, then she suddenly wants no part of it , Did she get the battery for herself ? I Don't know if Telltale has the guts to make it happen but it will definitely make for some compelling storyline in Season 2, Maybe she wants to make up for it by protecting Clem

  • thats actually immediately what i thought when Molly came back, but theres really nothing to go on, other than it seems somewhat suspicious and there would be no way to check if it was charged short of installing it and starting the boat. At this point I think it would be irrelevant to the current season, as Vernon's death would go unmourned by the current cast of characters and even seemed to be the case with his former entourage. Also, presumably the surviving members of the season 1 group were unaware of that possibility.

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      Well I personally think Vernon isn't dead , Which is where there comes another possibility although im not putting my money on it , What if the person that returns next episode is Molly , and the story goes on but at some point we encounter Vernon , and if you remember Lee tells him about Molly leaving with the battery and he comfirms That Molly did in fact stab us in the back because the boat didn't work at all , Maybe there was a horde of walkers coming that caused him to get separated from the other cancer patients

  • That's really interesting, I never thought about it. For some reason I just assumed she went somewhere to get that picture of her sister. I don't know what I based that off of though.

    But I can't see why she'd want the battery for herself, it was a stroke of luck them finding a boat that was salvageable and even Molly said herself, anyone with a working boat hauled ass out of there. She could maybe trade for it, or maybe she did have another boat in mind, I have no idea.

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      SaltLick305 BANNED

      Remember She said Crawford took all the boats , they stripped the ones that didn't work for parts but the ones that dod work crawford took them

      • You're right she does, but how would she get a boat out of Crawford on her own? I could see her having knowledge of a boat in another location since she knew that town pretty well and was all Assassin's Creed on the rooftops, but I'm not sure about Crawford. It seemed pretty drowned with walkers.

        Also, off topic but I wonder why that was downvoted?

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          No idea my friend, And well I expect Them to have the boats in the water or at least close to it , So mayne she just had to put the battery on and she booked it , I guess We'll find out someday

          • Hopefully! It'd be a pretty cool concept and it's an interesting thing to think about. I wonder where the hell I got the idea that she went back for the picture, I don't think she says that at any point. I'll have to play it again sometime.

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              Dont beat yourself over it your memory is right she does say that she went back to get her sister's picture , Now its up to you to believe it, I personally don't

  • She left to get the picture of her sister (you see it in her hand when she returns) so no I don't think she did. She wanted a ride on the boat and the battery was collateral so we wouldn't leave without her. (She decides not to go on the boat after, when Kenny says there isn't enough room)

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      SaltLick305 BANNED

      Like I said thats up to the person, some people think she was truthful and just decided to leave , some people agree with my theory , Now let me clarify i don't exactly thinks thats what happened , Just saying its a huge possibility and everything makes sense

      • It does, excluding one thing, her personality. I know TTG is good at characters faking (ei Andy St John) but I'm fairly sure Molly was a straight forward character. In either case we cannot prove nor disprove the theory, and I doubt it will ever be cleared up. Is an interesting tid bit though and thanks for sharing :D

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          SaltLick305 BANNED

          Don't worry my friend ! And who knows maybe we will find out , Like i said i don't think Vernon died maybe if we ever see him all that situation will be cleared up ! And She is pretty straight which is why Im on the fence with my own theory , maybe if it was anyone else i'd say Im 100% percent sure

          • I am very tired and didn't read the entire discussion, did you give reasons as to why she would have returned after running off with the battery? If she had what she needed, why risk it?

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              Its called cross yourself off the suspect list , she knee they weren't gonna leave until the next day so she returned with them and made it seem like nothing happened , by the time they got the boat to the river she'd probably already be by China , And something that supports this is the Fact that Vernon openly criticizes the plan of getting on The boat hours before he steals it , thiefs are smart

  • I also thought she may be a traitor and that her sudden leaving was odd.
    Though from the sounds of it the creator of episode 4 added her character in to lighten the episodes mood. So maybe she wasnt meant to be a main plot point.

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      SaltLick305 BANNED

      I guess we'll find out , But I mean if Molly does make an appearence in Season 2 this will definitely be the best way to go , great storyline to follow , Maybe she goes on some road to redemption thing and goes on to protect Clem and grow her as a little badass , Somethig she couldn't do with her sister

      • See, the thing is, I dont see how this point would come up and even if it did, it would lack much impact.

        I think its VERY unlikely Molly would bring this up if Vernon or his group members wasnt around and having both Molly and one of Vernon's group show up at the same time doesnt seem very plausible. Its possible one of Vernon's group might mention this without Molly around, but again, it would lack significance without her being there.

        Even if it does come up in conversation, I think it would lack impact on, well anyone. It was 2 years prior and it had no effect on Clementine or anyone in their group

  • Wow I never noticed that. I never really liked Molly as a character and didn't really put an amazing amount of trust in her anyway but now you say that, it all seems to make sense. That backstabbing bitch ...

  • I always wondered why Molly and Vernon didn't know eachother.
    They were both from Crawford afterall.

    How big was this place that they never saw eachother?
    Maybe they were in cahoots?

    • When youre planning to steal from them Vernon states they have "hundreds of people" and they probably had a more before they kicked Vernon and his group out

      • A couple hundred isn't really that many. Even with a couple thousand you'd start to recognize faces after a while.
        And I imagine them having gatherings of some sort in Crawford.

  • Really interesting idea. Looks like Vernon didn't get too far before his karma caught up. >:)

  • her goodbye to Lee was too emotional to be fake

  • She left because she knew that the group would have to kick some people out to fit on the boat, and she didn't want to be a burden. It was quite sweet really.

  • This is a pretty plausible theory. Doubt it's true though because Vernon already knew about the boat himself.

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