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Clem's choice of dialogue.

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I don't know about you guys, but I chose all polite choices of dialogue whenever she's about to say something. Even when Rebecca confronted her, I didn't make her say "Whose baby is it?", lol. It just sounds so wrong for Clemy to say things like that. I don't know, I guess it's because this is how I'd normally act in person, I try to be as nice as possible. And also maybe because I just miss how sweet and adorable she was in Season 1. She's still kinda sweet now, but you know, lol.

So what were your preferences for her dialogue throughout the episode? Am I being too nice/dumb?

  • My Clem is polite and blunt, except when they got all shirty about her patching herself up. "Screw you guys" just seemed like the appropriate response at that point. She didn't waste breath talking to Rebecca; silence was effective.

  • I liked making her just as nice as always until you tried to mess with her (hi, Rebecca). I always enjoyed how positive Clem was in season one and I try to keep that quality about her, but she's also seen some shit so...

  • In season1 ep 1 and 2 I picked all the nice options but after taking the supplies I realised I'd be better off playing and giving the answers I'd really give, honestly I feel like I connected with the story so much more making the dailogue choices which wernt so nice soemtimes to show my emotion more.. So often Lee or Clem is kind of a dick to people in my run. I'm still mostly nice but to survive I feel clem will have to be manipulative to survive either using blackmail or cuteness.

    • Yep, I believe that's how people should play the game. Make decisions based on what kind of personality you have. Unfortunately, there are people out there who are complete jerks and wouldn't mind being a dick the entire game, lol. This video explains exactly that, but I find it extremely funny - here, if you haven't seen this: (you'll have a good laugh)

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