• Christa: "Clementine, I.. I can't take care of you both."
    Clem: "I know." Walks off into the dark forest.

  • Maybe the baby dies and turns into a zombie. And when you turn into a zombie your jaw seems to grow pretty stronger to bit into skin and etc. so maybe Rebecca dies from the baby. :o

    • I'm probably incredibly wrong, but aren't babies born without teeth?

      • hehe,... im aware of that. maybe the zombies teeth grow rapidly.. since the babies are born with teeth but there in the gums.

        • Decomposition is all that takes place, no growth. In theory the gums could decompose to expose the teeth, but that would take far longer than it would to bypass the dead fetus.

          • If I remember correctly, the reason people die is from the massive amount of E. Coli, samonella and the rest of that shit infecting you. I know nothing about a baby's digestive system, but who's to say that couldn't happen.

            • My nephew and I were both born with teeth, so you're a little wrong. Though its not that common.

              • I've never heard of that, it's interesting though.

                The teeth would still be little more than nubs though; so they wouldn't be useful for biting.

                • I think I read something about how Napoleon was born with a full set of teeth. It sounds like complete BS, though.

                  • You saying that actually sparked a memory of my old history class, I believe my teacher talked about Napoleon being born with teeth, which was very rare. 'A full set of teeth' probably isn't correct though.

                    • idk about me but I know my nephew was born with a near complete set of teeth. I remember thinking I thought babies weren't supposed to be born with teeth and that's when my parents explained that I was born with my teeth too. Interesting to hear that about Napoleon though. Every days a school day -Kenny

                      • I don't think 'a near complete set of teeth' is the right words to convey this phenomenon (oh the spelling errors): even if they are born with multiple teeth they are hardly visible, tiny nubs barely poking over the tops of the gums.

                        • No they were quite visible. I remember we nicknamed him teeth for a few months, till we saw the movie teeth that is. (A movie about a woman that has teeth inside her vagina and kills everybody she has sex with) Needless to say we dropped that nickname faster than you can say "WHAT THE FUCK!"

                          • I saw that movie, fucking nightmarish lol.

                            I've been looking through hundreds of photos on google and I'm not finding any pictures of sizable teeth, sizable for a newborn by comparison maybe, but not anything big enough to do internal damage.

                            You may be right though, you have had first hand experience after all.

                            • Fucking nightmarish is the perfect summary for that movie lmao. You have to take into consideration that not all families take pictures of everything in their life. My family never hardly takes pictures of anything which is odd especially when you cant buy a pair of socks these days with out it coming with an attached camera. Now to sound dumb for a minute, how do you put your sentences on different lines like you did in your comment? I knew how on the old layout of this sight but when I push enter it spaces the lines out when I type but as soon as I post my reply it looks like this. A big ass block of text.

                              • I'll take that into consideration. You must also take into consideration a family is more likely to post pictures on the internet of a medical inprobability. Perhaps not your family, but many of them. Even at that there of hundreds of thousands of photos on google images, I went through a few hundred and came to the above result.

                                You hit enter twice now to seperate paragraphs, the old way doesn't work :p

                                • Thanks Viva.

                                  My family always taught me to not put photos of myself on the internet due to the fact that there are a lot of weirdos out there. And I still live by those words today. Even my facebook picture is a silhouette of me standing in front of a sunset holding up two middle fingers. but I see your point. im surprised you didn't find any pictures though.

                                  (damn I had to edit that for a lot of minor spelling errors like using the wrong THERE AND TWO lol)

                                  • I can definitely understand not having pictures of yourself on the internet. Crazy shit goes down on the web :p

                                    I found a lot of pictures but none that I persoanlly would consider a full mouth of teeth, or large teeth.

                                    Maybe your cousin was just lucky?

                                    And you're welcome :)

                                    • nephew idk maybe luck, maybe humans are slowly evolving shrugs shoulders. I remember posting something about Christas baby eating her from the inside out if she miscarried, which feels like ages ago and everybody seemed surprised when I told them my nephew was born with teeth. Regardless though im sure having a walker baby in your belly still wouldn't be good for the mother. If water can erode apart a cliff after some time im sure if a baby walker sits inside you long enough it can gum you till it starts to actually cause a wound on the inside of you, but would that have the same effect as a walker bite?

                                      • Nephew, sorry!

                                        The mothers body would abort the dead fetus, unless she was very unlucky.

                                        Humans are evolving, at the moment we are seeing more and more people born without wisdom teeth!

                                        • That honestly makes sense about the mothers body aborting the dead fetus. But what if while the mothers body is trying to "flush it out" the walking fetus is also crawling deeper inside her?

                                          Damn are you serious about the wisdom teeth thing? Those lucky bastards! Mine always bother me about 3-4 times a year for about a week for the last 10 years

                                          • Walkers go with the flow, even with the stength of the strongest newborn ever I just don't see it being able to cause the mother any substantial injury. Pain and irritation maybe.

                                            And that sucks, I need to get mine removed :p

                                            • Yeah you raise another valid point there. I guess the only way a walker would rip outside a mothers stomache would be if the mother turned into a walker herself. ooooh imagine being attacked by a walker and once you kill it you see its stomach opening from the inside. Nothing to fear but damn the feels would be amazing if done right and with the right music as long as it didn't feel too much like Alien.

                                              What age (if a specific age) are we supposed to get our wisdom teeth removed Im 20 and done with this bullshit XO

                                              • That may be more horrific than teeth. Haha

                                                If they are causing you pain you should have them taken out already.

                                                • idk teeth was pretty damn traumatic, why im going to enjoy being single this Friday lol

                                                  Well with zero insurance its something I can live with. They get annoying but its nothing I cant handle. When they start bothering me it just feels like I can bite the gums that are in the way back of my mouth and honestly... When I mess with them it kind of hurts so good. Weird I know but that's the only way I can think to explain it. And before you might ask. No! Im not the type of person who "gets off" on pain.

                                                  • Haha, no girlfriend no risk of hidden teeth!

                                                    Mine do the same thing, only worse. It sometimes gets to the point I can't chew anything, and I have had them bleed a few times. I guess our situation is a bit different :p

                                                    You sure you aren't into the whole 'domination' thing? lol

                                                    • Damn that explains why my friends complain about theirs so much. I didn't know it could get to the point where you cant chew or sometimes bleed, but I guess with the way mine feel sometimes I shouldn't be surprised. I'll definitely get them out if it comes to the point that they start bleeding.

                                                      Idk maybe one day ill find out I like to be dominated by my girl.. till then im just going to lmao at your comment XD

  • I'm positive that Clem will be the one helping Rebecca give birth. I'm also curious how TT will pull that one of, QTE's in that situation,damn.... Anyway to answer your question,this is the walking dead. Babies usually have a short lifespan,not saying it's impossible but it is unlikely.

  • We're going to learn what happened to Christa's baby through Rebecca's pregnancy, and for one reason or another, Clem will be forced to help with it and already has past experience. I don't really see us taking care of a baby for the rest of the season, I imagine episode 2 will have a very grim outcome for her and the baby.

    I hope Christa is alive, but the game makes it sound like she was shoved to the ground and shot.....

    • It's made to sound like she was shot, personally I don't think they wrote her off so easily. Instead of just killing the baby it would be a cool narritive idea to send it off with Christa and just not know, rather than it flat out dying.

      • Maybe Christa abandons CLemintine and opts to take the baby with her. Clemintine has the choice to volunteer to take it herself or let Christa have him/her.

        If that happens, probably Christa takes the baby regardless of clemintine's choice...

        Just a thought

    • Rebecca appears in the slide for episode 3, still pregnant.

      • Duck appears on the slide on the train in episode 3 season 1, still alive. your point is invalid by that logic

  • I was actually thinking about writing a fanfiction similar to this... Awesome! Except Omid was still alive, and so was Pete, who amputated his leg. Basically, Rebecca went into labor while Carver's men were attacking the cabin, and they were hiding in the basement. I need more ideas. :/

  • I like the idea of Christa looking after Rebeccas baby, at least that way she gets a child after all

  • I hope we get to name Rebecca's baby Lee or Kenny or whatever. Like if you helped Rebecca deliver she might be real nice to you and let you name it

  • I am going to bump this so the night time forum runners can say what they think about it :)

  • This idea definitely seems like a possibility, though of course there are a lot of "ifs" involved.

    I'd like it as a plot development, myself. It would continue the TWD trend of adults being thrust into the role of raising a child that isn't their own. I don't know how smoothly it'd go though, considering that Christa didn't seem very motherly the last time we saw her. But maybe having another child to call her own would perk her up a bit?

    • Rising up to the role, I think that is a Christa-like attribute. Would the story follow her or have her depart on her own?

      • I have no doubt Christa could do it. The bare minimum for motherhood is keeping the kid alive. I just don't know how nice she'd be about it if she's still devastated about Omid.

        The way I'd most likely see it going is whatever's left of the group sticking together, including Clem and Christa+baby.

        • I could definitely see some animosity from Christa toward the baby to start off. Maybe this is where Clem steps up to do some convincing. I'm not sure I would be all for Christa and the baby staying with the group though, seems like they would take center stage a lot more than I would like, but I don't know.

  • I think there's this with people who lost children that makes them have issues around other children. I don't really know how to explain it, but is it true that if some women lose a baby, they have breakdowns or stress around other babies? Can someone check if that's a real thing/confirm it?

    Anyway, if that is the case, Chista may be hindered in her motherly abilities.

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