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"I saw you outside my treehouse..."/"Daddy?"

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Don't know if this has been discussed at all recently, and if it has, my apologies, but I found this a bit confusing. Clementine calls out "Daddy", presumably from seeing Lee through the window, in the first episode, only to sadly say that he isn't her father when he answers. But according to Clem in episode 3, she saw Lee outside her treehouse, and presumably saw him going inside. So wouldn't she have already known that he wasn't her father?

The only thing I can think of that would make this a plausible sequence of events is that Clementine hid and didn't watch as Lee went inside, and probably assumed he'd just gone away like the man before, then saw him through the window and so on and so forth.

Or maybe Clementine was just messing with him and making up a story to change the grim topic at the time. :P

Lee: "The door was open."

Clem: (Oh, crap! An inconsistency!) "Yeah, he was dumb..." (Nice save)

But seriously, I suppose that sequence of events could make sense, but it still seems a bit odd to me, especially since, if you wanted to, you could spend the entire time listening to the messages from Diana in the darkness of the living room, far from the window and rendering it impossible for Clementine to see Lee before calling out for her dad. A small (possible) inconsistency in the long run, yes, but still something that stuck out to me.

  • Honestly, I don't think Clem's dad and Lee look all that different. I mean, it's kind of hard to mistake someone for your parent and build would come into play, but maybe it was just a benefit of the doubt kind of deal.

    Picture for reference:
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      They looked so happy :(

      • There was an image in another thread of a human/not zombie model of Clem's mother that was extracted from the game files, and it bummed me out how similar they look for some reason.

    • Yeah, I could see that as sufficient reason for why she'd confuse him for her father when seeing him in the house, but if she considered dropping a hammer on his head, odds are pretty good she knew Lee wasn't him when she saw him outside.

  • Agreed, there is a resemblance and how well could Clem really see him from her perspective looking down from the treehouse.

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