• lol what?? nick has too much alcohol and passes away bwahahahahaha!

  • Who is the man who was with the group before?
    If you mean Carver, it was probably like a Kenny/Lilly situation. Both groups had people who wanted to run things differently. As far as we know Carver could me more of a good guy than a bad one.
    Was the man who was with the group before Carver?
    It probably was someone who was part of Carver's group or Carver himself. I have no idea why they would be at the home in the first place unless they want something or tell them something that leads to them moving once again.
    What happened to Nick/Pete?
    When I first played I chose Nick over Pete because I thought Pete was going to die anyways, but then I thought well if Nick was going to run to the house with me I rather make this more of a adventure and follow Pete just to see what happens so I replayed it. I think by what you chose either cut Lee's are off or not will determine what happens here with Pete.
    Who is this mystery (wo)man?
    I think it will either be Lilly/Kenny but it might be someone we never met but Clementine has. We didn't see what happened to her after 16 months. I am positive they met some humans. Maybe some they thought were dead.
    Why are they travelling to the mountains?
    Carver probably knows where they are now since they moved away from him. It could be very likely that Roman has to do with this strange Carver guy. Since he was really strict about killing people who leave the group it could be the same for Carver.
    What is the other group doing there?
    Who knows? Either Clem's new group stumbled upon some other peoples territory or maybe the mystery the thought to be dead character's group.
    Where do the 400 Days characters come into play?
    They have already, when I saw Roman dead it was a hint that there are connections. And the fact that the characters from 400 days depending on what you choose say that they are joining another seemingly perfect group go north we might see some characters.
    What happened to Christa?
    Although I think she is dead, she wasn't seen shot or dead just like Kenny and Lilly. She might even of joined Carvers group.
    What was the point of giving that man water (or not)?
    It will probably be a important decision later on, he seemed to be in pretty bad shape to get up and be alright again without help.
    Is Carver someone we know?
    I would be surprised if it was and I hope it is. What if it is someone who changed there name to something else?

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    That alcohol and passing away thing doesn't make sense, For me it could be that they don't go to the cabin ,they are obviously somewhere else and maybe Nick doesn't stop drinking and goes crazy forcing Clementine to leave him behind , Maybe a horde of walkers approach that place but Nick just gave up and Clem leaves him there

  • I think the guy who came to the door might be the father of Rebecca's child since Clementine said he was looking for her specifically. Remember she said in the bathroom "let it be his". This is probably going to cause conflict with her and Alvin.

    Also, I predict that Clementine will try to befriend Sarah, but her father will get upset. In the kitchen, he's mad that Clementine "manipulated" his daughter into helping her. He tells her to stay away from her. He's trying to make sure she has a sheltered life and doesn't know how bad the world is. But I think that because he hides the world from her instead of teaching her how to use a gun and survive that ultimately she's going to get bitten and die. And he will probably blame it on Clementine for "showing her the world" or something.

    As for the "I thought you were dead" person, I don't think it's Christa, but I do hope she is alive. It seems like a bold decision to kill off the two remaining original characters (besides Clementine) so quickly like that.
    Just my thoughts.

    • Agreed. I'd love to see TellTale work like that and have the character different based off of season one, but just watch, and it'll turn up to be the water guy (Sorry don't know names). I sure hope that Lilly turns up however.

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    One curious thing to note is that Sarah does not appear with the group, but I think she was just cut out of the trailer because Carlos does not look/seem upset/sad.

    We do see Sarah but only a second of her shoes when they are walking to the mountains, It also appears she is walking with Clementine so it seems that they are still friends at that point.

    • Kenny - Quite likely, since his fate is presumed to be explored in the latter episodes. I hope the Kennazis don't condemn me for saying "quite".
    • Lilly - Likely, since I let her take the RV. However, Clementine has no reason to have assumed her to be dead.
    • Vernon - Like Lilly, no one from season one has really witnessed his fate. He's presumed dead.
    • Michelle - Probably, but she likely died from that shotgun hole right through the guts.
    • Lee - He's dead. Deal with it. :P
    • Molly - A little bit more likely to me than Lilly since molly had more zombie survival experience in my opinion, and Lilly's RV was not going to go far.
    • Ben - I'd personally like it to be ben, but i'm afraid that he's dead.
    • Christa - Makes sense. Clementine heard a shot while trying to escape the woodland bandits, and I think that's where she's coming from.
    • Pete - I saved him, but maybe he'll volunteer to be left behind and keep Carver's group or the Walkers busy, or keep watch on the cabin.
    • Nick - He ran into the forest in my story and it showed Pete instead of Nick, so probably. Maybe he got lost and found those new survivors.
    • Andy or Danny - Make sense too, since I chose not to kill either of them.. and their fate was a permanent cliffhanger. Andrew's the more likely.
    • Victor - I gave him water, but I don't know what happened to him. So i'm just going to give this guy the potential chance.
      So there it is.
  • I'd like to add on to this collection of analysis: Carlos says something most of us missed.

  • Brilliant Post man

  • The man at the Door is Troy. Some guy had a post that showed the Season two models. I will try to find it and show the proof that the guy on the episode 2 slide is Troy.

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