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If you were in the TWD Apocalypse...

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This is probably a quite overrated topic, but...
Describe what you would be like (your way of survival), your weaponry (could be anything you can carry) , and what survivor/s you would tag along with if any (could be any characters from the game or the show). Go!

  • I'd probably take Lee and Christa's advice and stay away from cities. Have a group of at least 5 people - each with variable survival skills. Somehow stock up on food, meds, clothes, etc. I'll probably use anything I can find as a weapon (the environment). The survivors I'd love to tag along with from the game are Lee, Clemy, Kenny, Omid, and Christa :)

    • Nice.. and it'll be easy stacking up stuff with a large enough pack (maybe a camping backpack), and it'll be easier to carry stuff with help from your companions. They could carry their own stuff in their own bags. Anyway, that's all super efficient.. I think you'd be just fine. You'll probably last longer than me. lol

      • Ehh, you don't know that, lol. Just take Clemy's advice: "Try to stay with good people and not do anything dumb". Pretty much how my mentality works too. But, I'll probably just die within the first few weeks, anyway, lol.

        • Pfft lol. Clementine has lived for roughly two years into it now, and I don't so any amputations on her. Anyway, i'd probably stick together with people that are sane and trustworthy.. and do reconnaissance on every named civilization that we come across, including cities and towns. Some of them might actually be overrun by protected (and protective) survivors instead of zombies. If they're not psycho, we'll (or i'll) stick with them.

          • There is that chance that you could run into some assholes or psychos like you said. But despite that, I think you're good to to go as well.

            • Yeah, but i'm not messing with Garies, Drews, Campmans, Nates, or maybe Carvers. I'll try my best to stay away from them, otherwise we'll have to "neutralize" some of them that get into our way.

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    Antero BANNED

    get a week or two worth of food, go into the woods and then come back and scavenge once everyone is dead. I'll probably never team up with anyone... unless i find a 8 year old that needs help.

    • That's actually not bad, that may work... except we can say that not everyone will die and all lone 8-year olds a week into the apocalypse would be walkers. Pardon me for constructive criticism...

  • I'm going to be a conformist and become a walker anomonomnom

  • I would be with Molly, Luke, clementine and lee. I would have a nice sword, a revolver and good heavy gun. I would stay out of cities and be more in and out of towns. The reason why I chose these people is bc they all could get along really well and they really have Great surviving skills.

  • I'll make sure I leave a spare boat behind. ;)

  • Considering that my friends are spread across the city and/or globe, that my family is all overweight or out-of-shape people, some senior citizens, I'd say I'm royally fucked.

  • Another good tip is if you want to drive a car, try to find one with a diesel engine. I was watching some show on the Discovery Channel about surviving if civilization collapses. The host of the show said to get a vehicle that runs on diesel because you could make your own fuel from cooking oil, lye, and some other chemicals, but I can't remember which.

  • due to my anti social nature i'd preety much never be able to join a group. so either i die very early on or am able to fend for myself somehow.

  • Trap and kill zombie use there blood for protection dig massive hole in my garden any come in they fall down get chainsaw have bit fun and get into all survivors steal food before bandits get it blame it on Ben because he left it for bandits tell other survivors to check out the farm and ill protect the drugstore steal campervan other campers get eaten all stuff at drugstore left for me bring Clem go on train city to city finding cure and food

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