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Telltale, follow Kirkman's example

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You know, I've had some issues with The Walking Dead franchise. The comics seem to be padded out more than the first issues ever could be, the third Governor novel was split into two parts, the show sucks IMHO and now the second season of the game seems to be mid-good to OK.

But you know what, when I wrote Kirkman an e-mail the man responded in the Letter Hacks section of the latest TWD issue (#119) and actually explained the situation. That's right, he reads through fan-mail (mostly negative because it's always more fun to respond to those) and answers them. And he writes for 5 comics at once and does a few other full-time jobs as well.

So tell me, Telltale, why can't you give us such info about Episode 2: Smoke & Mirrors? Say ''some idiot spilled beer on the main server and now we have to start over from scratch'' or ''we decided to rewrite a big part of the episode because we thought it was lackluster''. We'd understand, trust me.

Keeping your lips sealed only makes it worse because you give off the aura of acting aloof and I'm guessing that's something your PR department would advise against under normal circumstances.

Honest to god, if you keep this shit up I'm dropping you from the list of good developers. And I don't care how many succulent reviews IGN, Gamespot and others give you - that shit don't count against user reviews.

  • Sadly, they dont care. :(

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    CathalOHara Moderator

    To me it was never about the quality seeping down on Telltale's part for TWD Season Two. It was a matter of that people were expecting more of it. That sadly just happens when you make a sequel to something that gets critically acclaimed. And in today's world people are more stingy and overly-critical now than ever before. I for one think it's an even stronger start than the first season.

    But I agree, it has gotten ridiculous now waiting for "Smoke & Mirrors" and, I even think there is a chance that they wanted to re-write an entire portion because people may have found out the mystery early or just thought it was simply lackluster are very, very likely possibilities. I mean, how can you delay an episodic title THIS long? It has gotten ridiculous to the extent where it's the only possibility. Only other reason could be that they were just trying to get The Walking Dead Season Two out so they could have both games coming out in rotation. But even then, it's still taken WAY too long and would almost feel more like an excuse at this point with how long they're taking. Nevertheless, I'm pretty sure we'll finally get the episode this month. Probably only just but still, it really is their last chance.

    • My expectations were for the story to be just as good as S1E1, but that's a different forum subsection.

      I honestly wouldn't mind if we found out who the killer was because if we did make a good guess based on the limited material we provided, I'd say that it was a testament to how well the story was written, because it was a group of people banding together to solve a mystery. Not one guy in a darkened room obsessing over every single detail.

      Sadly, I think it really was that TT bit off more than they could chew and now they're rushing to meet a deadline. Sad, because I prefer TWAU over TWD.

  • You really think telltale holds Kishimoto as developer and was going to reveal the most obvious character with the least dialog interaction in the entire episode, presented right before we found the head as the murderer? Even then they could make excuses and say it's a long term synchronisation mistake or some bullcrap. But noo this developerteam inhabits an twitter account and is paying someone to retweet every piece of 'best game in the world@@' feedback instead of making one damn phone call and saying 'yo gimme ya progress reports, I wanna inform the customers.'

    I bet money they are just going to push episode 2 out without even mentioning the 3 month delay, that's how they look right now.

    They said seperate teams are working on different episodes, going with this episode 3,4 and 5 should already be ready, screw it, I doubt the dev team is even working on THIS game for 3 months...

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