the walking dead season 2 or the wolf among us? what game you wanna play if full game can be played?

the walking dead season 2 or the wolf among us? what game you wanna play if full game can be played?
i just like to know.
if the price is the same

count the votes please



  • Are you from TellTale?

  • no I'm not what is you opinion man?

  • Well tbh its the wolf among us. When comparing the first episode of each, twau just got me more than twd this time.

  • Definitely The Walking Dead just because i'm really interested to see how this seasons going to play out, I like The Wolf Among Us too, just not as much.

  • Excuse me? If you're asking which one I'd rather play if I had all five episodes, I'm not too sure. I would probably just say The Wolf Among Us governing with how long it's taking for the second episode to come out. Although I'll admit I'm more excited for future episodes of The Walking Dead. Which is to be expected I guess since it's a sequel and has a more an excitement level coming from it because of it with it being a sequel and all.

    But I have bought both anyway so I'll have all of the episodes when they do finally all come out.

  • yes that beginning was good i know thanks for comment man :)

  • thanks for you comment :) i only buy the walking dead 2
    TWAU 2-0 TWD2 SO FAR

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    Another point to TWAU. Episode 1 perhaps had the best first impressions among the two games mentioned, the story and characters were unique without any annoyance, the gameplay had greatly improved since TTG's last installment, and the graphic style was just incredibly cool in a way that matched to the game's tone, also have to mention the music as well, TWAU was just, amazing.

    TWAU 2-2 TWD2

  • TWAU . I love its story and characters and enjoy it way more than TWD .
    Not that TWD is bad or anything , I just really don't like games/movies with an apocalyptic theme .(except for The Last of Us)

  • hehe thanks for comment :) you like more mystery maybe
    The wolf among us leading so far TWAU 3-2 TWD2

  • TWAU
    Im so curious about the story

  • thanks man :) TWAU 5-2 TWD2

  • TWD. I read the Fables comics, so I know that spoiler isn't spoiler at all. So TWAU was fun, but no mistery to me.

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    Gotta ask the same question as SomeGuye.

    You keep score and thanks everyone who replies, so...

    ...Are you from telltale?

  • OzzyUKOzzyUK Moderator
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    I love both games but i prefer The Walking Dead as i am into more of a horror type game rather than a fantasy.

  • thanks for comment :) TWAU 5-3 TWD2

  • no im not form telltale but it would be cool if i was thanks for thinking that :D i just like to see who will win that why i score :)

  • I enjoyed the first episodes of both, but when forced to choose only one at gunpoint I will have to go with TWAU. I just hope that the upcoming episodes will match the excelence of the first one.

  • thanks for comment ozzy :) TWAU 5-4 TWD2 its close hehe maybe im not here always can you keep keep the score too? if theres to many comments hehe

  • Thx jacob252, It's getting close again.

    TWAU 6-5 TWDS2

  • thanks :) skaapman
    TWAU 6-4 TWD2

  • The Walking Dead because it's more entertaining for me and i want to know what happens next.

  • thanks jacob almost same name :)

    TWAU 6-5 TWD2

  • take the first "e" out of my name and it will be perfect. :)

  • TWD, i like TWAU but im just not interested in all the fairytale stuff. I care more about TWD characters and i think TWD just has a better meaning and message to it.

  • The Walking Dead. I love all the characters, and it's enthralling to see who can survive and who dies when all odds are stacked against them. With the wolf among us, the character I started to care about already died, so I have much less attached to it. This can all (probably) change in the next episode given it's title. I love both of them, but Clementine's saga is far more important to me. I would wait for both of them.

  • thanks for counting :) someguye tumbs up

  • it's okay people always think it's a typo lol. :))

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    awesome comment there :) and thanks for all comment so far good job people new leader TWD2 7-6 TWAU

  • The Walking Dead Season 2

    Though I do like both games, TWD characters interest me a lot more than the TWAU characters, though my opinions could change as more episodes of The Wolf Among Us come out.

  • thanks FOR comment agenesis :)

    TWD2 8-6 TWAU

  • Thanks. I speak from the heart, man. The Walking Dead season one's first episode was AWESOME. But it wasn't until... until episode 2 that I realized this game had a hook lodged straight into the center of my 'said' heart. The Walking Dead already has it's great track record, and both Seasons are obviously off to a great start. I trust Telltale fully to keep us engaged at this point, I know they've learned from past success and failures.. Even if that certain character doesn't come back in The Wolf, we'll get new ones that we will strive to make us do whatever we can to keep them alive.

  • awesome comment again you rock this forum hehe :D have you everthought about (multiplayer) in the walking dead game?

  • The Walking Dead.Definitely.

  • Yeah, Lol. Thanks for keeping me engaged. Multiplayer will never work for this sort of game. Not everyone can be the main character, unfortunately. The idea is intriguing, but the execution would rely on Telltale having multiple main characters, servers, and other crazy stuff. The experience we love wouldn't really live up to what you imagine, most of the time you'd be stuck wth people saying "......" over and over again.

  • thanks man for comment :) tumbs up

    thewalking dead lead by 3 point now TWD2 9-6 TWAU

  • ok relax i just ask the expert here haha :D great comments i learn some today hehe are you from telltale games? you pretty smart

  • Haha, no. Although it'd be a dream to work for Telltale, if they hired me I'd promise to change my nickname to something far less stupid.

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