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People keep mentioning Ep2 was "delayed"

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Has that ever been confirmed? Aren't we just a tad impatient maybe? Did Telltale ever say it was going to release monthly?

  • True, but if 3 months is the norm then this game will be finished by next October.That would be a whole year for 8-10 hours of game play. Telltale usually doesn't take that long for each episode, so I think its safe to assume a delay.

    Now that I think about it, I don't think they ever took this long?

  • 1) Telltale hasn't said anything.. Just a total of maybe 3 updates, or 4 if you count puzzle's post; which can all be summed up as.. An update about a future update which was an update about a future update which had 2 screenshots and was a post saying they were working hard and should have an update soon next year, which was an update about an update (puzzles comment).. So basically telltale has said nothing what so ever to engage the community about the episode, let alone give any information as to why it has been delayed, if there was a problem.. An apology for the confusion/frustration/delay.. Nothing.

    2) if you go by their track record, and considering their planned release time frame.. It is definitely delayed, no question.

    People are just pissed from having ZERO customer service, and ZERO information of worth, and having now been pushed into 3-4 months between release of episode 1 and 2.. And saying all will be released by june.. Uh.. then they better speed the heck up! But this just screams poor planning skills, poor implementation, and horrible customer anything.. I mean.. they don't even talk with the community as to gather input or anything.. Games are fun to play.. But everything else with telltale fails.. And for a 3 hr first playthrough.. This is ridiculous.. They could have done such a better job! Even if it was just to complete 100% of the episodes before the first release of episode 1.. posting polls as to gather and control community input and leave room for change on already completed product.. Even if they did complete 100% of the episodes and had to change 20% outside of controlled poll changes, etc.. That is still 80% ahead of the demand curve.. To which they could release DLC later saying this is what we had before any changes were made.. And I'm positive fans would download it just to get a new and perhaps a little different playthrough.. Thus allowing telltale to make more money.. showing interest in the community and engaging the community.. Beyond all that of course.. Keep us informed of what is going on! But did they plan anything even remotely like the aforementioned.. NO! .. Thus poor planning and poor implementation, and as witnessed.. horrible anything to do with community/customers/keeping us informed.. Otherwise.. People would not be so angry, and there would be no delay.. If they were just more informative, that would perhaps stem some of the tide.. But they aren't saying anything! But vague updates about updates about updates, which all say coming soon over the course of 3+ months.. It is frustrating when they don't talk to us at all..

  • the first few episodes takes longer time, it was the same way with TWD season 1. not as long wait for ep 2 as it is right now for TWAU and even though i agree that its starting to take too long without them giving any updates and that we're past what i count as early jan (which technically could last until the 15th) i still don't think people should worry or over react. and no, nothing has been officially delayed thats just people being misinformed or trolls

  • Telltale usually doesn't leave this long in between episodes - in fact, most of us were expecting Episode 2 before Christmas, and since we haven't had it, it's given rise to the idea that the episode's been delayed.

    Telltale themselves will never actually say this though, since for something to be delayed it needed an actual release date in the first place, and they've never actually given one. But it's pretty much acknowledged that it's been held back for some reason.

    As for news... all Telltale have said is they hoped to have something 'after the holidays' - there's never been anything about 'early January'. So... yeah. I know it's nitpicking, but it's bugs me, so... :p

    But yes. The lack of information isn't fair. I'm totally on your side in regards to wanting an update.

  • Well in an official statement IIRC Telltale said they wanted to alternate between TWAU and TWD every month and since they only launched S2 Ep1 of TWD in December maybe they intentionally postponed TWAU so it should come out sometime this month. Usually they release episodes with a few days notice. I remember seeing the Steam-page for TWD S2 as the first official announcement that it would come out only days later.

    If we still don't have Smoke & Mirrors by the end of this month I can understand why people are going nuts but until that deadline has been reached I think all we can do is be patient about it. There was that twitter-update from Vertigo weeks ago where they accidentally stated Ep2 was out but I think it's safe to assume that it simply means Ep2 is done and is currently undergoing verification for publishing by MS and Sony.

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    Please keep discussion about the release of episode 2 in the episode 2 release date thread. It's easier to follow conversations when they happen in one place.

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