Does LuaForWindows still cause conflicts with games?

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There was a post before that said that LuaForWindows created problems for some of the games made by Telltale. Can anyone give me more information because I want to install this program so I can learn Lua.

Were the conflicts for only the older games? The ones mentioned at the time were Poker Night at the Inventory and a Tales of Monkey Island game.


  • DjNDBDjNDB Moderator

    I ran some tests a while ago, and there were no Lua problems with Law & Order, Back to the Future and Jurrasic Park.
    I just also tested some later games. Sam & Max S3, TWAU, TWD S1 and TWD S2 all work. If there's any other game you want to know about, let me know.

    For the older games the problem was caused by the LUA_PATH environment variable being set at all, and the games wouldn immedialy close or crash at startup.

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