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TellTale should hire new PR-Staff

posted by WalkerHH93 on - last edited - Viewed by 498 users

I heard that telltale is hiring. Who thinks like me, that they should get some new PR guys who can give answers to the fans?

  • Well, maybe not 'answers' as in spoilers. Maybe just some people who are more reachable and easier to contact. Perhaps they could give us an idea of whenever a new episode goes into production, when they're recording lines and stuff just to tide us over.

    • Thats just what I mean, not some people who think they can always tell us "soon" or some new forms of their lovely "soon".

      • Yeah, the whole 'soon' thing gets a bit tiring. Even if they just gave a vague idea of when something would be released (such as 3 months or something) it'd make me (and probably a lot more people) pleased.

        For example, we have absolutely no idea when 'A House Divided' will come out, we're just guessing around Feb/March based on Season 1's gaps between episodes. We kinda need someone to confirm whether are suspicions are true or just give us a comment like 'you're on the right track' or something.

  • I completely agree. I saw on twitter they were hiring. I "lol"ed. Its a shame they produce such a great game (and very successful) but apparently they are extremely short staffed or something is going wrong inside the place. They could certainly use new PR people but I don't think its necessary their fault I am sure upper management is in control. They are terrible at consumer interaction and feedback though.

  • I can't really comment on the PR situation in much detail, but what I can say is that the problem is most definitely not a lack of staff.

    I'm going to close this thread now, since this subject isn't really one that can be discussed fairly.

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