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Kenny confirmed for season 2!!! (proof)

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  • Ever thought that those are fake or TellTale leaked them to throw us off?
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    • Data never lies.

      Its clearly pointing to "The Walking Dead 202.prop" which was forced open using a notepad,according to the icon.The prop. extension stands for properties,which is evident by the mess inside the file;and I doubt anybody would create all of that just to fake Kenny's appearance in Episode 2.

      The TheWalkingDead202.prop is nowhere to be found among the files once you open the folder,so its possible there was some digging.

      The prop files themselves are used for storing data which is later used (obviously).

      So,unless its photoshoped....Kenny confirmed for S2?

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    What the....where did you get this?!

  • Stuff about Kenny goes here.

    Also, it's incredibly easy to fake that 'evidence' (I could do it in about 10 minutes if I wanted to), so do NOT take this as confirmation of anything.

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