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Broken save game

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I made a ticket, 13395, which directed me, telling me to create a new post regarding my issue. Here's a replica of what I wrote in the ticket:

*Last night I downloaded TWD S1 in preparation for season 2, and got the saves pulled from the steam cloud. But when I started Season 2, it couldn't find any Season 1 saves.

I then started Season 1, and sure enough, it doesn't recognize any saves from the entire season. When I look in the save game folder, i have 37 saves from season 1 and a prefs.prop file. There is no prefs.prop file in the default folder inside the actual game folder. I've tried moving the prefs.prop file there, but no change.

I’ve got 12 MB of save files, and fail on a 8kb large file.

Hope you can help, because this really puts a blow to my season 2 if I have to replay the whole season 1 first.

Attaching the report files from the support tool.*

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    DjNDB Moderator

    Sadly there's nothing I can do to help. The prefs.prop contains the decisions and the associations with the .save files, and that appears to be gone.

    • Sorry, but what the heck does the save files contain then, if not your decisions?

      Is there any way to get a refund because frankly, I don't see myself playing season 2 for the forseeable future now.

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        DjNDB Moderator

        I don't know what exactly the .save files contain. They are loaded when you continue or rewind. I assume the prefs.prop is like a summary of the most relevant decisions, and the .save files contain more details, but that's just a guess I can't verify.
        I wish I had some more documentation on the save system. Everything I know about it is from experience and experiments. I am just a volunteer, not TTG staff. For anything more you'd have to contact them at

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