• I don't want to spoil Fables, but no, no way.

  • I doubt she'll make an appearance in the game,let alone as a stripper.

  • I am just saying maybe

  • I know eLBiSHop is trying to avoid spoilers in his posts, so I'll do the same, but he's right - Red is most definitely NOT going to be a stripper (with 2 'p's!) in The Wolf Among Us.

    If you want to know exactly why, read my follow-up post, which will be spoiler-tagged.

  • I could see Rose Red as a stripper. But not Little Red Riding Hood.

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    fusedmass BANNED

    Not going to be anything in the game at all, because they never finished it.

  • In episode 1 and looking at the book of fables and when you click on red, bigby says that she didn't make it.

  • "Little" Red Riding Hood can hardly appear in M rated game as a stripper LOL, for the obvious reasons. Well technically she can but lawyers for the corporal business are costly :)

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