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Who did it?!?

posted by JoshButch on - Viewed by 288 users

(Some spoilers may be in this, don't read if you don't want to spoil some of episode 1's details)

So I was trying to work out who could be responsible for the murders. So I tried too work out what Faith and Snow had in common.
-Both Female
-Both befriended Bigby
-Both new Crane? (Random thought)
-Both said "These lips are sealed"
-Both were beheaded and their heads were placed in the same spot (Why?)

But I still can't work out who did it?
There are some theories... (Ginger guy, BlueBeard, etc)
But nothing adds up!? Any ideas people?
Thanks for reading :)

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  • I think (only a theory) that somebody isn't exactly choosing his/her victims for some specifics but one - they are as close as possible to Bigby. First Faith, which showed sympathy towards Bigby, and they have history - it's mentioned in the game's "Extras". Snow is Bigby's first and only love for over 300 years. With their deaths, maybe somebody is trying to break the Big Bad Wolf.

    Keep in mind that it's just my speculation.

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