• Same I tried to save Larry, Let Lily in RV and saved Ben. But I Killed the two ST Johns brothers, and I believe anyone who didn't made a bad choice. Even if Clem was watching it shouldn't matter, the ST Johns know where you live, they will be out for vengeance if they are allowed to live on top of that they deserve to die before they kill more innocents and for the ones they already killed. Most of the decisions in the game can be seen from two point of views but this is one of the decisions where I believe there realistically is only one right choice and thats to kill them both

    • Yeah, one of my sentiments for Clem was to speak softly and carry a big stick.

      Be good to your friends and group, but prepared to fight back.

    • I don't think The St. Johns would go after your group after Brenda get's killed. Sending them a message should have been enough, but I can't judge someone who thinks it's necessary to kill them. I understand.

      • Yeah maybe they wouldn't but my thinking was that if they did come back for vengeance and kill one of our members that blood would be on my hands so I didn't want to take that risk

    • I agree 100% I did the same exact thing and had the same thoughts as you did.

    • Interesting you should say "deserve to die" when you're decision to kill still takes life like the brothers did, but of course they were well aware that they were murdering people, even if they attempted a half-assed justification of 'new rules'. Also, a modified trap is very suspicious, and I enjoy these games all the more because of how Telltale adds those subtle and unsettling details now and then.
      To me it was the 'zombie apocalypse' context of retributive justice because not killing them would leave a risk of them committing the same acts on someone else. And really, showing mercy to cannibals? What would Clem think of that? The other adults understood, but I don't think a child would understand that future clemency can be manipulated, as in, not everyone plays fair, and some few people don't give a fuck about moral justifications at all.

  • Didnt kill either though wish I had honestly.

    However the stats trailer showed that 55% killed Danny but only 18% killed Andy (I dont think hardly anyone killed Andy and not Danny. However then the game shows a big guilt trip "Clemetine witnessed that, look shes disappointed in you" which guilt tripped many into leaving Andy alive. Other people thought leaving Andy was worse than killing him seeing how as he had to live with the loss of his family before being presumably eaten.

    • Yeah alot of people were guilt tripped out of killing Andy but that's irresponsible from my point of view. I mean Clementine was just an 8 year old, she doesn't know whats best for her, Lee is the adult and the one who has to make the decisions to protect her, Andy already showed he isn't above killing children by grabbing Clementine and putting a gun to Ducks head and also Leaving Andy is the wrong choice because there is no reason he couldn't get away and I know some people say the walkers where coming in to eat him but that scene only happens after the decision to leave him, when you decide to leave him there isn't any walkers breaking in

    • I see your point about Andrew being left alive. However, I don't think you see the walkers advancing on the farm until after the "Do you kill him or not" situation arose. I had no idea the place was about to be swarmed until right after the moment I killed him. Nonetheless, I think I'd still kill him regardless just not to leave things upto chance. God knows nobody needs another "stranger" scenario unfolding...

  • I spared Andy because I was trying to come back from a long series of increasingly dark and pragmatic choices that I felt were changing my Lee. I shot Jolene, killed Larry, and pitchforked Danny. I spared Andy because I already had too much blood on my hands. He was beaten anyway. His family was dead, his haven was crushed, and even if he found the will to flee the bandits would make short work of him. I don't think he eer got up from his spot, though. He was too broken to do anything but let the walkers chow down, in a dark ironic death.

    • Episode 2 is my favourite episode because it's a real turning point for the group, Lee/Kenny either strengthen their relationship or deeply fracture it, Kenny/Lily Rivalry increases, also my Lee realised the dangers of people in this episode and vowed to protect Clem against all evil in this world, So I killed the brothers and then even in the next episode when we met Omid and Christa I was sure not to trust them straight away because of my experiences with the ST johns

      • Yeah there sure was a lot of different dynamics going on during that episode. It really helped define the kind of person you wanted Lee to represent. While it sucked that Mark died, this episode wasn't even as close to being as sad as episode 3, where literally most of your group dies.

      • These are the reasons I loved it too. But the scary thing is, every time I had the choice to kill someone, I did. Jolene because she threatened to kill everyone at the dairy, Larry because I thought he was about to come back, and Danny because, like the OP and others, I was afraid he'd keep doing it if he got out or that he might come after us. I didn't want to have any more blood on my Lee's hands by that point. It was actually a bit of a struggle to leave Andy there. The only thing I can look at in a positive light is that I never killed anyone because I hated them (Larry, Danny). Just to protect the group. So my Lee was more of an anti-hero than anything else.

        Of course, after Episode 3, I kind of said "Fuck it" after everyone died. After that I just did whatever it took to keep Clem alive. Kind of like Kenny with the pragmatism, but I wasn't as much of a jerk as he was during that Episode.

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    I did and the reason why is because i figured that Lee And Ken where gonna die at some point , So i knew Clem would be by herself and if those people ever saw her again that would spell T R O U B L E

  • It was this episode in the game where I realised who I am in this scenario. I was the guy who tried to keep everyone alive no matter what. I let them live because I refused to kill unless I absolutely had to. I mean, Danny was practically begging for it but I refused because I wouldn't let this world beat who I am. I did have a moment when I was between Andy and the group when I thought: "this guy just won't stop". But I decided against it because, at the end, I was determined to not kill unless I had to.

    Sounds dumb but this was the episode where I properly invested who I am into the game. As a result...I wouldn't kill.

    • That in a nutshell my friend is why I love Role Playing games because they make you look at yourself. I played as a guy who was loyal to his group but will kill anyone who I deem a threat to Clem and my group and yes killing the ST Johns made me more ruthless but overall I think that is for the better because I think that ruthfulness could save your life one day. I'd definitely become alot darker if it happened but for the right reasons I think.Probably why I identify so much with Shane in TV series and even the Govenor as opposed to Rick

  • I killed both brothers too. Thought the last one might try to get revenge.

  • I was... remorseful that Clem had to witness Danny be killed, but no regret, it had to be done. When the option came to finish Andy, it was a juicy opportunity for me, I noticed the crowd watching me, but I wanted to beat him to death after what they did to Mark, was way too pissed at them to just walk away. Wouldnt have been right to let him live, I tried to think if I was one of the other people in the group and if Lee just walked away, Id think the others would have just moved in to finish him instead.

  • Hell yeah I killed them. They were way too far gone and deserved it. It was a good lesson for Clem too, that some killings are justified in this new world.

  • Killed the first guy, Clementine made me feel like crap, let the other guy go. I dont like killing characters who are unarmed and already subdued anyway so I immediately regretted the first one.

  • I chose to spare both. I was going to kill Danny, but he said something that made me spare him.

    Back in the woods, I shot Jolene. She was crazy, and in real life, in the apocalypse, I wouldn't want to run the risk of dying just to listen to her ramblings. I didn't think the St. John's were untrustworthy at the time.

    You know how he calls you a coward right before before you kill him? If you shoot Jolene, you get a new dialouge.

    He says, "DO IT THEN! I know you can! I've seen you do it! Just like you killed that woman in the camp!" The fact that he was actively telling me to kill him made my blood run cold.

    I paused and considered the situation. He was stuck in a fucking bear trap with no release latch. He ain't getting out of that. Better to let him bleed out and suffer.

    When I got to Andy, I figured that since he was going to loose his entire family, leaving him alive and suffering would be the better revenge. I'm glad he got eaten by his undead mom though.

    • My problem with that is though what if Andy rescues Danny they recover for a little while then set out for revenge,then one day out of nowhere your group comes under fire by them, I mean in the Motor Inn we're sitting Ducks and all it takes is a few shots from Charlotte to kill a few of our members

    • Man, when Danny said he knew I could do it... Jeez. It was a Palpatine moment. "Strike me down with all your hatred" and such. I didn't kill him because I hated him, but it still got to me. Even in that split second BEFORE the camera focused on Clem.

      • I didn't kill Jolene so Danny was pretty much taunting me saying I "didn't have the balls" and I believe his last words where "Fucking Coward", not a wise thing to say to a man who already hates you :P

        • His last words to me were "...complete your journey to the DARK SIDE!"

          Fuck, man, I did it, but never got the option to shoot lightning from my fingers. So much for "choices" Telltale.

    • Well Danny does tell you to kill him a few times, but conversely he says "you have to keep me alive, otherwise the meat gets tainted, its how the world works now." Initially I thought about letting him rot in the trap, but after that, I was both disturbed and offended by the implication, he just proved that he was way to screwed up to let live, even in agony lying there.

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