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Walking Dead Season 1 Won't Restore Progress after Delete/Re-install

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Im a little upset telltale hasn't addressed any if you guys yet. Add my name to the list. How do u create a game like this without iCloud support in year 2014. Maybe I shoukdnt jump to conclusions but I'm kinda angry none of u have been answered by now. What is the point of a forum without someone ultimately from telltale to make certain we are assisted. I would love to play episode 5 and then 400 days so I can move onto season 2. But I had to delete the game and re-install. How can this game win game of the year without having this basic feature. This reminds me of the NES where if there wasn't a password to punch in to restore your progress u had to pull out one of the two back cords and then u would be able to leave the game and go eat dinner while dad watched tv. Later u plug it back in and your progress is restored

Why didn't telltale at least mention this in the AppStore description. I love this stupid game. It's my first game after years off from gaming. I admit I shoukdnt have deleted it without verifying, but in my defense, all games have a way to auto save progress now. I shoukdnt have but I assumed a game of this type would obviously have this feature. How thoughtless of the devs. Do they think we have no reason to ever make room on our iPad and may need to delete the application while we wait for episodes? I did not know 400 Days was coming at all. I thought the game was over after season 5. What if I completed 5 earlier? I would have deleted the application then! Why not put in VERY BOLD WRITING IN AN EMAIL TO EVERYONE U WILL NOT SUPPORT OUR PROGRESS CUZ U DONT GIVE A DAMN

Signed w/Haste,

  • I'm having the same problem with season 2. I bought it, and uninstalled season one. But i had to reinstall it to continue the story, but now my save file is gone. Do anyone know if there is a way to fix it, or do I have to play it all over again in order to play season 2?
    Answer please

  • Same thing happened to me telltale remember us fans make this game a success if u don't have it fixed I don't think I would ever play this game no more and I don't think I'm the only.

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    I apologize for the inconvenience. Your Season One save games are stored in the base application of Season One (Episode 1). If you deleted the Season One app, then unfortunately your Season One save games were deleted along with it. If you deleted the app, you will have to replay the season if you want your choices to be the same when importing to Season Two. Again, apologies for those of you that are experiencing this.

  • No other page has posted a resolution but I've come to find one. First make sure you uninstall the app. Go into the app store under updates and select purchased. Find the game there and install it. Once I did this I opened the game to restore it and it asked if I wanted to purchase the bundle pack... so I selected buy and put in my Apple ID. It then notified me that I already made the purchase. Just found a way around the bug, hope this could help anyone still having the same problem.

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