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The walking dead the game. broken??

posted by zamzam47 on - last edited - Viewed by 506 users

Hello teltale. Im truly a fan to you guys, I've been playing quite alot of games from your company and honestly teltale is one of my favourite gaming company's but I would like to discuss a problem, you see recently I bought the walking dead for the ps3 and i was really enjoying the game until I had to start up episode 3: a long road ahead and then things started to turn for the worst. I couldn't start up episode 3, the game hangs and freezes on the loading screen and I can't do anything but to just reset my ps3 manually. I tried everything I could think of but to no avail. So im asking if there are going to be any new updates releasing soon. I really want to continue my progress and i don't want to give up on teltale just yet. If anyone reads this I would really appreciate any other possible solutions to the problem. Thank you guys for reading :)

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