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A Glimpse of Episode 2 and Release Date

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On Steam it says that Ep. 2-5 will be released periodically until Summer 2014 with a frowny face emoticon. TTG has given us a glimpse of Ep. 2. Here are 2 pics of the upcoming episode. The first Jack Horner with his arm around Bigby who looks very annoyed. If you read the Fable comics you'll know who he is and Jack is based off of various nursrey rhymes such as Jack Be Nimble, Jack and th Beanstalk, Jack Frost, and Jack and Jill. And the second one is Faith's pimp (Georgie Porgie) and Bigby in the club which looks like Bigby was going to teach him a lesson. If you didn't know the pimp was Georgie Porgie here's a thread I explained it on.-

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