Why most of the people think its not good????

Why most of the people think its not good?? This series is from the studio that created the critically acclaimed THE WALKING DEAD POINT AND CLICK ADVENTURE SERIES...so dont be so sad it will going to be amazing


  • It's not Telltale they have no faith in... it's Borderlands.

    The Borderlands games are VERY hit or miss. Either you like them or you don't, and the people who have a problem with Telltale doing a Borderlands game are clearly those who don't like Borderlands.

    Personally, I quite enjoyed my time in the first game...until I started playing Mad Moxxi's Underdome on my own (as I did the rest of the game) and found nothing but pain and suffering, but I digress.

  • I found myself actually quite excited when I saw the announcement trailer. People will just always be disappointed when they see TT going after an IP they do not know. I myself felt kinda down when I heard about TWAU. Having never even heard of fables before, the game sparkled no interest at all. I just wanted S2 of TWD instead. But then I tried the game and decided to read the comics and realized that I actually find it to be quite interesting.

    I kind of think the same will happen with Borderlands. People will hate on it until they try it and then they might actually get surprised in a positive way.

  • I have high hopes for it. Love Borderlands & greatly enjoyed all of TTG's releases so far. Seems to me that a lot of folks on here either haven't played Borderlands or they can't see past the main series being an FPS. Of course the series really isn't for everyone. Hated the first one but 2 was my own personal digital crack... and like an addict I saunter up to buy every bit of extra content they've release, itching like a heroin addict.
    That's just how it looks to me... could be way off base.

  • I'm really looking forward to 'Tales of the Borderlands'.
    Although I love 'The Wolf Among Us' and 'The Walking Dead', there's not much space for humor in those series and I think that 'Tales of the Borderlands' can bring back Telltale's hilariousness we've come to know from series like 'Sam & Max'.

  • I am also looking forward to the game. I think some may not be as ready to play the game as others because they may want to know how the game will be played first. Telltale's games and Gearbox's games are very different in gameplay. With Telltale's being more story driven and Gearbox's being more gameplay driven. So anyway, like I said, some people here may not be as comfortable playing a borderlands like game instead of the games they are used to like The Walking Dead, Sam & Max, The Wolf Among Us, etc. I hope this made sense.

  • I love telltale games and i play their every previous game and every upcoming game in future its good or bad no matter what...tales from borderlands will going be amazing.

  • I think the reason people have been saying it won't be good is because Telltale makes story based adventure games, and Borderlands is a humorous shooter with a not so great story.

    I have a lot of friends who likes both Borderlands and TWD(andTWAU), but they're not at all excited for this game because... It just doesn't make sense why they'd make Borderlands into a story based adventure game.

    I'm kind of indifferent about the whole thing, I'll definitely try it, but my hopes are not all too high.

  • Yes you have to try...when the wolf among us has been announced most people think its not good we have to try every telltale games because their games are really amazing

  • Actually, when The Wolf Among Us was announced, most people thought it would be good, and most people think Game of Thrones will be good, it's just that Borderlands is a bit of a weird choice. We'll see.

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    Yes you are right at some point but when wolf among us has been announced some people really dont like it ..telltale the master of episodic game series so i thought tales from borderlands will going to be amazing

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