• Oh yeah. I bet some of the more reasonable members of the group, like Carley or Kat would forgive-


  • If some guy got your wife and child killed, even if his intentions were good, would you forgive and forget? Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Ben, I just usually play pro-Kenny.

  • I hate Ben so much

  • When he has a go at Kenny because he never even got to see his family as he lost them all, you can't help but feel for poor Ben. Hes had it hard.
    Skip to about 3:15

    • I really think this scene was cool. Finally, Ben stands up to Kenny and shoves a lesson down his throat. Probably the only courage moment for Ben.

    • Never saw this scene. I wonder how someone could waste time to save his life when this whiny little backstabber - who is indirectly the murderer of three / four group members - begs him to let him die.

      • Because he's the most human character of the bunch, aside from Doug. And also, I didn't want to become like Crawford, throwing out all liabilities... Fuck that, man. That's like saying Lee was responsible for killing Carley (or Doug if you're a jerk, and saved her). He just made a call, trying to save someone. Turns out, his call was worse than we'd have thought. It's not like Ben shoved the fucking walker on Duck. If he did, I'd have wished him to have a more painful death.

        • That's totallty NOT the same. Lee had to make a quick decision within seconds, being only able to save one life (Thanks for calling me a jerk, btw), but Ben had days if not even weeks to make a decision, and he decided to betray the people who saved his life, steal from them and don't tell them a word about it or warn them that there are Bandits nearby who are a possible threat. This alone would have been reason enough to let him die, but the fact that the consequences of his actions killed three people and that he sweared he didn't have to do anything with any of what happened (which lead to Carley's / Doug's death) made it so much worse.

          He may be the most human character (if you define "humanity" by the number of mistakes someone makes and how big a risk he is), but in a already fucked up world - if you want to survive - he is a person you REALLY don't want to have with you.

          • So what? He's weaker than Lee, but who isn't? By the time he realized that he wouldn't be able to save another human life, he was too late (That jerk thing was a joke :D). It was a mistake, and I believe that mistakes should be forgiven. That's like saying if a general in war makes a bad strategy, and his men die, he should be punished with DEATH. He should be punished, for not doing his job, which, in Ben's case, happened a lot. I threatened him when I learned about it, and I didn't trust him as much, but I still respected him as a human being.

            I judge humanity on how a person copes with stress, and at times, the ways they coped, even early on, were outlandish. I don't think any normal person would be able to kill their brother so early into the death storm. Ben reacted to stress like a regular person. And yeah, people make mistakes, too. That's something that Lee never really does unless you regret your actions. Lilly made one mistake the whole time we knew her, and Kenny made a lot of mistakes, so he's realistic, I guess (but I still dislike him).

            • I never said that Ben was weaker than Lee, nor that this was my problem with him. It is not about weakness and strength, it is about honesty and taking sides. And these two things are what Ben really messen up.
              Dealing with stress is something important for survival, If I killed your family and threw you in a cage with a lion, I am 90% sure you would focus on the lion first (Sorry for that harsh example, but imagine it, to get a small taste of the situation in TWD). That Lee killed his brother [who was - technically seen - already dead at that point] was an act of mercy rather than a part of some killing spree or whatever you would call it. For Lee, it was one of the most difficult things he done in his live, which you would be able to say if you recognized his initial reaction.

              And to that general metaphor: Bens behaviour was like an American general (in WW 2) secretly having a deal with the Germans and in the end, his decisions lead to the death of half of his men and the loss of an important outpost. A general can be punished with death for doing way less wrong.

              But I get your point: You want people to keep their "humanity" (Which is hard to define, with humans doing more cruel things than animals ever could) even if the world has gone to shit (in my opinion, many people are not even able to do that in our, somewhat good world, but hey, just my opinion). And Ben is a good example for keeping one's humanity.

              I still don't like him, because being "human" sometimes can be dangerous, for oneself or others, as we all saw in Episode 3. Being smart and doing the best for the group you chose to belong to is in my opinion (Man, do I use these words often in this post...) more valuable than being "human", even though this isn't something a person should miss in a (post-)apocalyptic world.

              • It takes a strong man to say that he fucked up, especially with something as big as this. Ben is a MUCH weaker man than Lee, which led him to make those decisions. Fair point, with Lee's brother, but even still, I think that a person would be much more broken up about his parents dying, or his brother dying. The only person who I knew when his mother died, he was grieving for months and months, but Lee reflected on it for all of an hour.

                Well... Ben was trying to get a prisoner released, so it was more like negotiating with German soldiers for American troops, but, while keeping the negotiations going, one of his higher ups pisses off the Germans, so they attack, then the general gets executed.

                I don't care if people keep their humanity, but I want to believe their spiral away from it, which I did for most characters, but the fact that they all shed it like it was a winter coat in July kinda threw me off. Ben never lost his humanity, but if the story had continued further, and he ever did lose it, then I'd likely believe it more than Lee losing it, more than Carley losing it (apparently she lost it because she hadn't had any coffee), more than Kenny losing it... By human, I meant like a person that we could believe is real, and Ben is probably 90% of the population in that scenario.

                Also, I agree with those points, but as a person, I like Ben far more. He's the only one who ever apologized for his actions, unless you tried to save Larry and still wanted Ken to like you. Ken kinda did, but it seemed... Like last words. No one wants to end on a bad note, so they say something for the other to remember them positively by. In other words, I don't believe he meant it.

  • The fact that Ben was allowed to be live was mercy enough

  • Well why does everybody hate Chris? No no jk. I guess allot of people hate him because he's the reason why Ken lost his family and the reason why Carly went cray cray and shot the news reporter girl.

  • Just because Ben didn't MEAN any harm doesn't make up for the fact that he did more harm than the St. Johns and the bandits combined. Half of the deaths the group suffered were because of something he did or something he screwed up. It is well within anyone's rights to hate him after Episode 3 for all the damage he caused.

  • People hate Ben because he is a stupid shitlord that is the reason for everything bad that happened after episode 2.

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    I don't really hate him, but I think they should have given him a job where he can't do much wrong except dying. Like searching for solar modules or something like that.

  • Because he always does something stupid

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