Protesting TTG's Incompetance - A community effort

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Alrighty, just starting this since I am about as fed up with Telltale treating their customers like mugs as everyone else, particularly with the lack of communication and constant delays on TWAU Episode 2 (or lack of).

I propose a group effort on behalf of the community to start aiming to hurt Telltale where it really hurts... ratings on their games and them as a studio.

For one, when the yearly gaming awards are released, instead of being suck up fans because their games are ultimately great -- factor in the exceptionally poor service from Telltale that has ruined their fan's experience with their games. I for one have long forgotten my choices in Ep 1 and can no longer say with any certainty that I would make the same ones. TWAU has been ruined by Telltale's complete and utter incompetance in releasing their games along any kind of reasonable schedule and should serve to warn others from buying their products in future.

In short, we can all do as follows:

  • DOWNrate Telltale games where it is possible.
  • Ignore Telltale's requests to vote for their games and select products from another studio instead.

Is it even remotely fair that they can continue to boast about their superior products when they clearly don't give a crap about the experience they are providing (only making money)?

Over to you.


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    I've moved out all discussion I could to the episode 2 release date thread. Please keep discussion of Telltale's handling of the release of episode 2 in there. I understand your frustration about the long development time, but it's harder to follow conversations when the same topic is being discussed in multiple threads.

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