• Got what he deserve but i don't think the group was bad that got attacked because as you know Roman doesn't have any common sense but he is wise not to deal with bad people.

    Anyways TTG did say the cast of 400 days who were introduced are going to appear .EP.1 Roman(Deceased) Ep,2 someone probably dead or alive it would be awesome if they would be alive

    • ''Got what he deserve'' - why? I actually sided with him completely because he was right. Remember what Mike Ehrmantraut's motto was: ''no half-measures''. This is the ZA, not a Disneyland ride.

      • You're right but being the ZA doesn't give you full right to kill someone .I actually didn't vote and Roman killed him , this your choice and he couldn't risk it,and you spare him i was shocked that he was a bad dude.I was with him until wanting to kill Steph you can't kill one of you even if they done bad things you could punish her and made her live like hell.I thought if he caught Becca he would hesitate and kill her for his own safety .

        • But the thing is you couldn't risk Steph. It's tribe against tribe in the ZA. Everything and anything that endangers your tribe is evil, anything that sustains it is good. There is no civilised morals left because there's no civilisation left. The way to survive in a harsh and unforgiving world is to be harsh and unforgiving. When things have stabilised, when orders is restored then we can act humanely.

          • I agree with you about being harsh and unforgiving in a harsh and unforgiving world,but in the end the same people will get what they deserve it is like what goes around comes around.

          • Not true. If you're that harsh and unforgiving you won't have any allies

            • Not true. If you keep your allies alive, well-fed and secure they will stay at your side. Just look at Negan.

              • I'd rather be solo than with Negan :/ I wouldn't take face branding over mistakes in exchange for food. Dwight seems to agree

                • You only get branded if you have sex with his wives.

                  • Who used to be other people's wives. He'll be betrayed or abandoned. Dictator groups always fall apart

                    • Only because Negan's mentally unstable. If he were stable he'd lead the Saviours to a new future.

                      • Is he even unstable though? I thought his main difference to the Gov is he's sane yet totally alright with doing all this anyway. Idk

                        • Yes, he is. It isn't stated, but fans have speculated he has bi-polar disorder which would explain his mood swings.

                          The Governor was insane in a different way and he was driven mad with power (and by Kirkman's not-so-stellar skills as a writer of villains).

                          • Thanks :3 I didn't know this. I know people aren't really fans of the Governor origins novels but it'd be great to learn Negan's backstory in a similar way. I'm not sure if it'd ruin him though. This guy seems even more interesting than the Gov

                            • Agreed. Negan has more nuance to him. He's trying to do good (have his people survive) through bad deeds, but it's not completely his fault as he's not all there sanity-wise - moreso than the Governor since with him it's not a choice, but rather an intrinsic quality that he can't medicate due to scarcity of medication.

                              And yes, I'd love to see a Negan novel. That would be really cool. And the first Gov novel I read wasn't bad, it's just that the ending was dumb and showed Kirkman's inability to understand why people turn to ''evil'' and how they turn to it. I think it was more of a fuckup on his part when TWD was young and he didn't think he'd be developing the Gov as a character later on, so he made him a one-dimensional villain, but when the novels came...

            • Roman wasn't harsh and unforgiving, he was just not pro-messing-up.

            • Roman wasn't harsh and unforgiving, he was just not pro-messing-up.

            • Stephanie was going to leave with their stuff only to die out there, which would have been a complete waste. Maybe she was right about the place not being as safe anymore, but she could have at least talked to Roman or Shel about it or something. Steph made a terribly bad decision, and that made her a risk.

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            Dude, this is total bullshit. You don't understand The Walking Dead message or your philosophy is twisted. During ZA you have to preserve morality, STAY HUMAN. If you don't, you become zombie or monster just like Negan. You belive people like him will act humanely when things have stabilised? Who'll restore the order? Think again. Humanity is not something you can turn off for a while.

            • ''Humanity is not something you can turn off for a while.'' It must be nice living in your world of sunshine and lollipops and gumdrops and teddy bear smiles. Being human does not mean being kind, curteous, altruistic and empathetic. Humanity is being a social creature that tries it's damndest to survive against the Others. The Others can be anything from other species to members of your own that aren't part of your group. That's the problem when you're born on planet Earth: you aren't born into a place that tolerates love and peace.

              Staying human before and to this day still means: coming out on top and stopping other motherfuckers from throwing you off the top.

        • I actually decided to kill Stephanie. As much this was a hard choice, I had my reasons. I think Roman shoulda've let Shel talk some sense into her, but she betrayed the group. If we let her go, she might return to steal from them. She knows her way around the gas station, as she has been living there. I'm not a mean person, and I did let go that Brazilian/Portuguese guy (even though it's something I regreted after), but it's what you gotta do in da ZA.

          • I decided to kill both Roberto (portuguese dude) and Stephanie for fucking up badly. There was no choice anyway, since we can't talk to her and we can't let her go. And i'm pretty sure Roman would have killed her anyway without Shel and Becca...

            • It's a question of morals. I let my morals fuck me when I decided whether not to kill Roberto or do it, so I thought when I had to kill Steph, I thought, I'm not gonna let morals get in my way.

              One thing I hated about 400 Days, only certain choices makes certains characters go with Tavia. I think that the decision should be based of what we say as Tavia, so the choices will make more of a difference, perhaps?

              • It's not necessary for everyone to go with Tavia. For all we know her camp can be like The Governor's or Negan's and it might be better thing to stay away from there.

    • Roman doesn't have common sense.

      I don't know about this, he seemed pretty ideal as a leader/watchman...

      I don't think he deserved to die, though. I wish TTG didn't kill him that way, it's just messy to create a survival-headed character and just decide to make him f*ck up and kill him off. But I guess it's part of giving us a taste of the characters that are about to be introduced... I got a bad feeling about this.

  • Always thought Roman would play a bigger part, but now hes dead :/

  • Roman was with Christa's attackers group who were against Carver's group.

    Makes sense that they'd be really paranoid about Christa's group if they were afraid of Carver.
    If you let Clem get caught by Winston in the forest runaway sequence, a thug comes up and says that they've got an urgent situation and urges him to hurry up and finish Clem off.
    I think Carver's group probably found them at that point. It's very possible that Christa was rescued by Carver's people,methinks.
    She was injured running away from the thugs, Carver must have realized she was against them, so she'd be no threat.

  • I thought that Roman was part of his won group, not Carver's, and that the guys who attacked Clem and Christa WERE with Carver, maybe out scavenging for the main group when they found them. Roman might have been a bit harsh, but I couldn't see him actively going bandit. I think he was just unlucky enough to be in the area with his new group when Carver's guys rolled through looking for the Cabin survivors, shenanigans ensued, and a lot of people got killed.

    • The attackers seemed awfully jumpy and insecure though, for people who supposedly belong to Carver's group, who seem to be known and feared locally.

      I can definitely see Roman going bandit.
      Shel and Becca were scared for their lives at the end of 400 days. They seemed to be sure Roman would hunt down and kill them if they were found.
      That doesn't seem like the nicest and most stable of guys to me. He probably became a lot more messed up by the time season 2 is happening.

      • Maybe he DID end up going bandit, but I agreed with him in Shel's story, at least after the debacle with the first prisoner. He seemed like a pretty cool guy back then, and was willing to go against what he thought was right because the group voted otherwise (letting the prisoner go, he even gives him some food, which is what I chose). It is possible that losing the rest of his group after the second part of Shel's story (I don't remember seeing Clive or Joyce at the river, so they're probably dead) could have pushed him over the deep end, but that just wasn't the impression I got from him. I viewed him as a kind of "Good is not Nice" guy who was determined to do whatever it takes to keep his group together and alive, even if it wasn't pretty.

        As for the attackers, were they insecure? They seemed pretty confident and mean to me. Maybe I just wasn't paying attention. The only time any of them looked afraid was when Winston got grabbed by that walker, at least to my knowledge.

    • It looks more like an ambush or execution, not like firefight with equal terms. All bodies are in open and scattered like some might have tried to escape. It's likely that if the guy who stole Clem's backpack was with the attackers, they would have taken their wounded one with them. Instead he was left there to die, most likely because who ever shot him didn't bother to check if he was alive or not.

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    It looks like those bodies have been compiled over time rather than all of them being killed all at once.

    • What makes you think so? All bodies looked relatively fresh and Pete's group visited the river frequently. I think they would have noticed the bodies if killings happened over a longer time period.

  • Quite convenient you run into him.

    • Not so much because Clem doesn't know him

      • True. It's similar with the situtation in 400 Days where Russell finds body of Carley or Doug. It's convenient for player to see the references, but for the characters those are just another dead bodies of the people who just happened to be in the area. There has to be such references if we want to see main story linked with 400 days.

  • Would've been a great antagonist for season two. Roman was the only character in the game that kinda intimidated me.

    Whatever he seems, Carver must be one hell of a badass if he took down Roman.

  • Yes, it was his corpse. And to be honest I am glad that he is dead.

  • Yes, it was his corpse. And to be honest I am glad that he is dead.

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