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Good people out there?

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After the apocalypse are there really good trusting people out there? There's always a problem and It seems as right when the horror hits, everyone has different perspective. But of course such horribleness would change one. Idk what do you think?

  • Yeah, always trust the people with moustaches

  • Everyone would probably be pretty trusting at the start and become gradually distrustful with time. Some more and some less, depending on the amount they had been screwed over (and lived to tell the tale).

    Of course there will also be a few exceptions, because there is always a naive fool out there, but those people will most likely not be very common and are also likely to die first (even though that's really sad)

  • Always trust the women

  • I truly believe if a zombie apocalypse were to occur the MAJORITY of humans would act exactly as portrayed in the Walked Dead series = ruthless, violent, and greedy. Survival of the Fittest.

    • exactly, thats why i don't think i could live long except if i'm surprisingly lucky when i'm forming/finding a group at the very beginning

  • Plenty of people will be aggressive assholes who rob and kill people just for food, or even sport. However, I think there WILL be plenty of people who are still nice and compassionate, or at least not killers or assholes.

  • when the apocalypse hits we are Fucked! I live in Houston and when theres a small pussy hurricane even coming close to our gulf people freak out buy all the gas start fights in walmarts, come to their senses a week later and pretend nothing happened and wonder why their dumbass just boarded up their windows because they forgot that we live above sea level and even a category 4 and 5 really cant do much damage to us because of where we are at. so yeah I enjoy the ghost town for a few days but in an apocalypse situation we are all more or less fucked because humanity is a bunch of idiots when scared, why we have wars, why we have racists. people are scared of the uknown and turn into a bunch of dipshits over fear.

  • the irony is that if there was a Zombie Apocalypse, a LOT of people would have a better idea of how to deal with zombies because of games. Even in TWD the use of "walkers" instead of "zombies" to describe the undead could be interpreted as suggesting that it takes place in a world unaware of zombies.
    I think most people would try to help each other out, but that would of course change over the time if there was a lot of bandits and selfish survivors, but I haven't lost hope in humanity, guessing some will try to rebuild mini societies

  • At the start there would be a lot of good, trusting people. But as time goes on and resources run out people will change and become more cold hearted and suspicious of other people.

    • its sad that 98% of Earths population is too stupid to come up with the wonderful idea of just planting your own food. and im not even being sarcastic

  • This has already been studied: when shit hits the fan, people tend to rally and help each other out more than before, showing more good behaviour than before. Sure, there are always scumbags who takes advantage of the situation and makes a mess, but generally, disasters are great for bringing people together.

    • People do rally and help each other in times of tragedy. But in a ZA its not isolated its worldwide. There is no outside aid coming in. When the resources run out it will become the survival of the fittest.

      • Why would the resources run out? Everything's still there, and now there are far fewer people using them. MANUFACTURED goods will run out, true, and the standard of living will be a lot lower for a while, but it's not going to be some dog-eat-dog hellscape forever. More like frontier days, when people had to make a lot more of their goods and food. With zombies, which would be a modest threat at best once a society could dig in and fortify with something other than plywood. People would still get killed by them, but then people in frontier days got killed by bears sometimes, and there wasn't a "bear apocalypse".

        That's actually one of the most unrealistic parts of the TWD universe, at least when you get a couple years in--everybody's still living in small, vulnerable groups, living off of finite scavenged supplies, instead of forming into big, defensible groups and having specialists for things like medicine and catching/growing food. Trying to go off on your own and kill and steal as much as you can might work for a while, but it would be a terrible long-term survival strategy; as soon as you get injured or meet someone stronger than you, you're toast. And if a larger group does start to form in your area, first order to business is to wipe out the local bandit threat, i.e. you.

        Now, that's not to say the groups themselves will necessarily be "nice" -- warlords are just as likely. But within the society you'd be better off respecting others and helping out, or risk being tossed out on your ear.

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