Most people have spoken about the *spoiler* of *spoiler* at the end of 'Faith' but...

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Don't forget the fact that the police will now (presumably) be involved with the investigation, as they found Snow's head.

Remember when examining Faith's head, Snow is eager for the mundies not to be involved at all.

I wonder how this will be handled. Will they get in our way, will they try to stop us from investigating? Or will they just be ignored?

Can't wait for the next episode :)


  • It basically attracted a lot of undesired attetion to the whole fable community itself, which I believe is quite dangerous.

  • Exactly. This combined with the Mundy trailing Bigby in the episode 3 slide makes me really excited for what we'll see :)

  • If something like this happened in the comics, they would consult the witches on the 13th floor to enchant and glamour the hell out of the whole thing. I don't know if they will do that here though. Also, these witches can enchant mundies to forgot any Fable-related business they saw.

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