• Here is a picture in case:

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    • He's fine just got ketchup on his face then took a nap

      • What brand of ketchup is that dark?

        • Tomato ketchup. lol

          • The problem is that Telltale sometimes reuses models so I'm not sure if that really is Roman or someone that looks like him, especially since his whole face is covered with blood. Additionally, many people say that their are similarities between other main characters too except they are just recoloured. For instance I've seen people post on this forum that Nick and Nate look similar, particularly in terms of head shape and hair, if we had seen one of them shot in the face thereby disguising facial features people might get them confused. Anyway if it is Roman they will further point it out in later episodes perhaps by one of the 400 days characters will mention something, if it is not then this particular dead body will not be mention again.

            • They wouldn't reuse models for major characters. Roman was a major character in Shel's story, and was even in Bonnie's. Plus, his jacket and bald head are pretty identifiable, so the chances of Roman's model just coasting under the radar, are pretty unlikely if they WERE just reusing him. Especially since his body gets plenty of focus when they walk up. I think it's safe to say that it's Roman.

  • He died


    In the face

  • Roman and a few other people got ambushed by Carver's group, which included Victor (the dying man you can give water to) and his cronies. All of Roman's buddies got killed, and he was executed by Carver or one his henchmen.

    At least, that's how I think it went down. No idea what he was doing in North Carolina, though. The only explanation I could think of would be that he was heading up to Wellington with his new friends when they got wasted.

    • Well, we didn't see Joyce, Clive, or Boyd (determent) Amid the Ruins, so where could they be?

      • I think they may have died before Roman met up with the other guys, the ones he was with at the River. Roberto's group attacked the Pitstop once, so it stands to reason that they attacked again, especially since the place is overrun a few months after the incident with Stephanie. Could be that they died in the second attack, while Roman somehow escaped.

  • There is a possibility of that not being Roman at all. The dead couple, an important part of the story and even shown in the reveal trailer of S2, are two of the dead people involved in the FUBAR scene. Same poses, same clothes, same everything. The same could be applied to Roman. I'm not promising or de-confirming anything, I'm just finding it hard to believe that Roman went all the way up there by himself, conveniently where Clementine shows up.

    • Not dissing you or anything, but I highly doubt that they would use a Roman model in that scene. Telltale usually reuses models of dead characters or walkers, not alive and talking characters. It's like saying I could use Lee's corpse as a dead person in that scene.

    • I think that Roman's band jacket was a pretty clear indicator of who it was. It was too unique for a simple copy-paste job.

    • It isn't really unbelievable. If Clem knew him then yes it would be odd but otherwise one random character amongst many heading the same way makes sense

  • Roman was probably following Shel's group to get revenge and Shel's group went north. Maybe that's why we see Vince/Eddie in the Amid The Ruins slide.

  • why the hell you think its Roman? look at the skull shape - Roman was much wider than this skinny face. Or we call Roman every bald person now?

  • I really think it will be one of those things left up to imagination or fanfics, like Christas baby.

    In mine Shel stayed at the gas station so I have no idea what caused them to leave to begin with. Or what separated them. I mean unless for some reason the cancer survivors or shel go back there with clem.

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