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I'm probably posting this in the wrong section, but no fucks given: If it's moved or taken down, so be it.

I can't figure this damn Gravatar thing out. I've made an account, got a picture, but it still wont show up (the picture, that is)

If someone could help me out and explain what I may be doing wrong, I would be grateful.

  • Did you click on the picture and get the confirm notice?

  • Sometimes gravatar can take a long time, almost an hour, to update to all other sites. Wait a little bit and try clicking it then.

  • Ehm, if you can't get gravatar to work, where did you get your current avatar? I don't recognize it as a Telltale one.
    If you just trolled me, well done.

  • I've been fiddling around the Gravatar so I could give you a precise answer. It took my awhile but I believe I've finally figured it out. I'll assume that you know all the basics about making an account in Gravatar and such.

    1. Make sure that your email address on your account in this site and your account on the Gravatar site are the same.

    2. Then after you chose your Gravatar image, go My Gravatars.

    3. Under "Select image (below) to use for the selected email (above) or add a new image" click your image and confirm it to be your primary Gravatar.

    4. After confirming your primary Gravatar, the image should be under "Select an email address (below) to modify or add a new email" right beside your primary email address. If it is, in that box there should be four options "Primary address (cannot delete) | Don't use this image | Check this gravatar | Link." Click "Check this gravatar" and it should give you an estimation on how long your Gravatar should take to upload into your account.

    I hope that I helped. Sorry that I took so long, I was trying to get the hang of it before I gave you any instructions. Enjoy your Gravatar.

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    Ellias BANNED

    This happened to me but i figured it out. All caps have to be the same. Same email, and select the pic you want for your profile picture at Gravatar and it should update like..5 minute tops. Hoped i helped :)

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