New To Telltale Games.

Hi everyone. TWUA is the first game I've played that Telltale has developed. I really love their art style and just their type of gameplay experience. Since I'm a newbie to their games, I have a few questions.

I already played through the first episode "Faith" on my iPad Air and was blown away. I want to play through it again.

Does Telltale record every choice I make in TWAU in order for me to experience "my story based on the decisions I made in previous episodes" throughout the season?

If so, what would happen if I decided to play through the first episode a second time? Would my original choices from my first play through be the only ones they record or would the second play through overwrite my original decisions therefore affecting my future episodes and overall experience?



  • The 2nd play-through overwrites your first. So if you made a "mistake" in the story you didn't like in part 1, you can redo it. :)

  • Choices are carried across the Season in a single save file, and you can create multiple Season save files to play. All episodes during the course of Telltale's newer choice based games such as Wolf Among Us/Walking Dead use a collective save. If you replay/"rewind" the game, then a new save is created and all the episodes refer to the singular save file which collectively stores choices/progress from all episodes.

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    Alright. Thanks for your help.

    I love TWAU so I bought Fables: Legends In Exile (Volume 1). The comics are amazing.

    EDIT: I even read through "The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow" again just because Ichabod Crane appeared in the game. I haven't read that book since I was in 7th grade. That was a long time ago as I'm now 26 years old. :)

    Just thought it would be fun to get some insight on Mr. Crane and refresh my memory regarding Sleepy Hollow folklore. It's a great book.

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