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I found something weird with the Season 2 menu

posted by McNoobish on - last edited - Viewed by 4.9K users

This may have already been discovered but I didn't find anything about it so I figured I would share it.

(This is on PC btw)
So I was checking out the episode slides in season 2 to see if I can find anything interesting, but I didn't and while I was still on the "Amid the ruins" slide I exited the game with Alt+Tab and closed it in the task bar (as I sometimes do when I am too lazy to close it the normal way). But when I restarted the game the colour of the title screen thing in the beginning and the main menu was purple like in the "Amid the ruins" slide (and also the music in the main menu was the "Amid the ruins" one without the crickets though)

This is the default look:
photo TheWalkingDead22014-01-1313-50-29-51.png
photo TheWalkingDead22014-01-1313-50-44-45.png

And here is how it looks after that
photo TheWalkingDead22014-01-1313-52-09-50.png
photo TheWalkingDead22014-01-1313-52-22-36.png

The same is true for the other episodes

In Harm's way:
photo TheWalkingDead22014-01-1313-53-55-68.png
photo TheWalkingDead22014-01-1313-54-15-98.png

No going back:
photo TheWalkingDead22014-01-1313-55-10-26.png
photo TheWalkingDead22014-01-1313-55-31-31.png

This could be a glitch but I am no so sure, because the music also changes. It could be that the menus change depending on what episode you are playing on (when you do it with the 1st episode it returns to the default look). We will have to see when the next episode comes.

Anyone with a PC is welcome to try it for themselves. You just have to choose one of the episode slides and exit the game through Alt+F4

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