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Clem's Hat

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Just wondering, why does Clem hat have a D instead of a C? Anyone knows?

  • Because her little league softball team was the "Destroyers." They made it to Nationals twice.

  • The hat was given to her by her parents. Could be D for Dad. Or was her Dad's (or Mom's) hat before given to her and one of their names started with D. Or perhaps Clementine's last name starts with a D. Or D is her favorite letter. Or perhaps one of her parents worked for a corporation that starts with D. Maybe Clementine isn't her first name but her middle name and her first name starts with D. Some people just prefer their middle name to first. We'll likely never know.

    Chances are the D relates to the one who designed her. Perhaps their first or last name, the first/last name of their partner or eldest child, or name of a pet. People often put a bit of themselves into characters they design.

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